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i don´t know if i understand your question(my english is not good). you asked if a source with more volts in the output improve the beta or beta have a limitation in current with the he-6? i think that the beta is not a good marriage with the he-6 for current limitation, otherwise with the akg k-1000 is better i have heard that lacks the force for a full sound
i agree but is a shame because, with this combination, i listened the best sound in the mid and high section. i hope that my new beta arrive in the end of the year for a new experience with the he-6 but it is obvious that the he-6 is hard to drive, more compared to the K-1000 agood solution: preout from the beta and b-24 for the he-6?
rudistor say that the new chroma have an extended bass response compared to the chroma md-1? is true? i ask because i had the 1 and i liked except for the bass response
i envy your ability
i know carlo, he is a great builder. best wishes for your sell
i bought one khozmo with vishay-dale resistors and one quad alps rk-50. my past pot was a dact. i hope soon to write a my impressions
what is the difference between se and ss dynahi?
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