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+1! but yesterday, to put directly on the drivers my norse cable, one driver brokened. anyone say if only can change one driver or one pair is selected?
+custom fee
sorry but you could answer to pm, thanks
or, maybe, buy an used he-500 and you´re happy!
i didn´t think you were so young
you´re right. the color(or timbre)is something fantastic. but the he-500 properly amplified is in the first league. is true that the he-500 is more easy to drive but this does not mean that is simply easy. this headphone require a good amplification to make better. is the same sensation that i had with the lcd-2
of course! and i liked this amp with he-6. but in the end, personal taste decided
my he-6 gone this week. i really love the he-6. in recente times  out expensive headphones like ps-1000, edition 10, abyss, lcd-3, sr-009, etc. among those that i´ve tried, in my opinon the he-6, for the price, is simply the best. of course is hard to drive and need a specific rig... why i sold the he-6? i tried the he-6 and the he-500 with the same system and the same cable(hifiman occ balanced cable) the resolution of the he-6 is superior! but i thought...
this man relly does not stop more!!!
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