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then we must try...
then, reasoning on the contrary, if an amp has no problems, we will act less on the pot?
what does this mean?sorry my ignorance
jvc dx-1000 with norn.
of course.but i not put the new cable now. i want to think well before about my headphones
great help, thank you
I have a technical question. in a hardawired he-6, the impedance changes or is the same? thank you
well..i´m really curious about dynalo and dynamid but i agree with you about beta and hd-800
Dear Wuss, i agree for the amp and for the tubes
this week, despite overwork, finally i listened the he-6 and the he-500 with my beta. i´m really surprised about this headphones. if i were to give advice, i would say he-500 without any doubt this the best headphone(for the price)that i tried at this day.really amazing, really incredible. but this is the he-6 thread and this headphone is superior. more expensive compared to the he-500 of course but with a good price compared to toys like grado ps-1000, ultrasone...
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