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difficult task...
few words, explanation well explained!
i come at 5 P.M. and i bring the beer
i understand perfectly your thinking. is true that exist many, many builders in the cables sector. when i started my experience with headphones the situation was different. but is builders like norseaudio, toxic cables, etc.that allowed people to buy cables with a lower price and good quality(like 7N up-occ copper) in the past there where only builders with expensive cables like zuaudio, aloaudio, stefanaudioart, etc. in the middle i put moonaudio: high quality, price not...
well... is true that in the site doesn´t exist a price list. and is true that the site has more informations about the cables only recently. but....trevor is a very, very, very kind person,the cables are quality and the quality/price relationship is really incredible. i think that is the most important thing, right??? p.s.: and customer care is very good
LOL, i like it!!!
Why? you´ve tried so a few things...
the important thing is that you´re again...
my condolences to you and your family
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