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I don't have jot yet but he-6 and k-1000 are really hard to drive. I used this headphones with my balanced beta-22(50 watt 8 ohm) and i wanted much power
agree the hd-800 is hugly beast
I agree. I went from more expensive stuffs(amplifiers, headphones and sources)and this dac/amp is a surprise every day. Now i bought a jotunheim with dac(the same akm chip). I'm really curious to compare perfomance with se output. Op vs. Discrete
Exactly my impressions.And me too, i received mail and package at the same time!!!Burson science or just paranormal?I'm scared
if i´m right, from the order, i received after three week with normal registered box
Sorry, i had not realized that you had already ordered.well. we waiting both for the Jot
see this page: only the version with dac is out of stock. normal version and phono version are in stock.Otherwise, the stock of dac version, from wednesday, has been sold in two days
i bought yesterday form dutch reseller so is in stock
LOL in Italy is the same history but with the horse
Agree 100%. not eating is bad for the health and when you restart to eat, the body absorbs all!!!!
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