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Due to a health problem with my ears, i´m forced to leave the hedphones. for this reason i sell my all stuffs Beyerdynamic T1 with new headband. i don´t have the original box but the headphone is mint and works perfectly. rewired and balanced with 3MT-10FT moon audio black dragon V2 with neutrik 4 gold pin i ask 670€. the price includes shipping and paypal fees thank you
 thank youreally i don´t know but the specialist say me that with 43 years, it´s better not to risk
Friday, i went to the  specialist. my hearing is good but i have tinnitus and for me is the end in the headphone world a salute to this group of good people
my mistakei had the first cable and the nornmemory deceived me
You're right.I had one norn and was not the first
Nice. if i´m right the norne was the first cable???
i know that is not easy.for me is the same.
ITALIA rules!!! 
Stunning amplifier!!! What is this? cables with food?i can´t believe
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