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yellow smiling road
My phone does not have otg support. it´s an huawei p7 lite with lollipop. i know that with the headphone jack the dac in the duoo is bypassed.when i speak about superior is reported to comparison with the centrance which it´s still a good product.but i repeat: it´s just a first impression.in any case, i don´t regret, with this amplifier and my headphone(oppo pm-3), the stuffs that i had in the past. and my wallet sais thank you
Fast first impression: i tried the amplifier with my android phone via itg but my phone is no compatible. so i connected the phone via headphne jack. in every case the amplifier is huge and the term portable amplifier does a little bit laughing After this, i connected the amplifier in my pc with windows 10. no problem at all with the drivers and the installation. my source is tidal hifi, so no foobar or similar. yesterday i received the centrance dacport slim. the...
I don't know because is in the custom
dancing and breathing
Lunar eclipse light
Jupiter's west coast
Smells like woman
To be sexy
Last insanity's act
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