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i prefer 6AS7 but the difference with 6080 is not big in the preamplifier section i liked the tungsol nos 6SU7GT
you have a gain selector in the amplifier. try
my only experience(and for the moment the last) with stax was a combo SR009-SRM007tII for now i save my money
i did not vote because i did not have the lcd-3(only had lcd-2 rev. 1 and 2) and i think that i don´t ever buy, but my impression is that the hifiman with right amp is in the hp´s olympus(near to stax queen) now you can whip me
it seems to me that it is the same thing with the lcd-2 when i listened this headphone with a normal amplifier sounded good but nothing special. when i listened with my beta-22... WOW!!!
every contribution is important, technical or from a listening session. in the amb forum, i read that the beta is good for the he-6. another example: some people is happy with the little-dot mkVI and the HE-6. in the E.U. loaner program my friend tried the HE-6 with the little-dot mk Vi and was not satisfied. in every case, you must always do many tests with many combinations(ex. some sources with the beta) but it is not always easy
good question only one consideration when one headphone need a lot of power, big amplifiers, etc., perhaps we are not passing the world of the headphones???
probably i used a wrong word. my sensation is that the he-6 need more because the soundstage was small and the low frequencies very distants. my beta was balanced with 8X gain in each board
i don´t know if i understand your question(my english is not good). you asked if a source with more volts in the output improve the beta or beta have a limitation in current with the he-6? i think that the beta is not a good marriage with the he-6 for current limitation, otherwise with the akg k-1000 is better i have heard that lacks the force for a full sound
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