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i´m thinking about this wonderful review... obviously, if a i had some money i have the possibility to buy a lot of headphones, amplifiers, etc.etc. but if i have not a lot of money, this review is a very good guide to buy one or two headphones, one amplifier and i have a very good result. according to me, this is the great strengt and essence of this review
i don´t have the experience and the cd collection of David but i agree(about the headphones that i had and tried) with the majority of things. i recognize one thing to david: the intellectual honesty BRAVO!!!
we look forward to hearing from you(aspettiamo tue notizie) aldo
no doubt. he is the mind of little-dot
less than a used hd-800
i offer shipping in most of E.U. countries GOOD PRICE!
I sell this amplifier in mint conditions with the box and accessories payment with iban or paypal. the price include shipping with quick europe with insurance. many thanks
X2! and the sound with new cable and cap´s?
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