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my beloved!!!
of course!!!
i´m thinking about this wonderful review... obviously, if a i had some money i have the possibility to buy a lot of headphones, amplifiers, etc.etc. but if i have not a lot of money, this review is a very good guide to buy one or two headphones, one amplifier and i have a very good result. according to me, this is the great strengt and essence of this review
i don´t have the experience and the cd collection of David but i agree(about the headphones that i had and tried) with the majority of things. i recognize one thing to david: the intellectual honesty BRAVO!!!
we look forward to hearing from you(aspettiamo tue notizie) aldo
no doubt. he is the mind of little-dot
less than a used hd-800
i offer shipping in most of E.U. countries GOOD PRICE!
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