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impossible. empty wallet, now!!!
i had and i have a balanced beta-22 in one chassis. never had problems with noise or buzz or hum...
i bought original denon pads from lawtonaudio but i haven´t tried it yet
of course!
i knew
with the pound i think that the best solution is buy in dollars directly from hifiman
you´re always kind
for now only two short words. the best headphone(among those tested and had)!!! i tried the he-500 with my beta and with hifiman balanced cable. honestly i can´t believe. the he-6 is superior but very hard to drive and the difference with the little sister is not huge. considering the sale price, the end of the games. of course, is just my impression but we don´t always to spend a fortune to listen good music. now i´m really torn between the he-6 and...
Ok but full of art and beautiful girls!
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