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i tried my he-500 with hifiman balanced cable: no noise. when i had the norn in the dx-1000, i resolved the problema with 4 100 ohm resistors. the problema is the cable in my rig. in september arrives another he-6 for experiences of course this situation is annoying. i spent some Money but experimentation is part of the game. i will sell the he-500 to buy another
the chain is the same. i used the norn with the jvc dx-1000 and with the he-500. same problem: too much noise. probably is a strange incompatibility of this cable with my rig
when i had the he-6, i´ve always listened the he-500 with this cable. the cable is flexible and no microphonic but really short. another question: when i listened, with my beta, the he-500 with the balanced he-6 cable, totally silence without music. now i have my he-500 haqrwired with the norseaudio norn and without music i listen some noises if you want, we speak in português through pm
Sorry???i give Money to people who need. but it is certainly not through trade
and review, please...
my wallet too...(estamos tramados)
+ an used  hp-1000... why not a new sr-009?
  +2. please,please,please!!!(or is a secret???)
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