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Hello, i need your advice. my kid is 6 years old. this year i will buy one console. i saw in the store and in internet the specifications about the PS4 and Nintendo WII U. I think that ps4 hardawrae is the best and the ps4 has a blu-ray player. but about the games, i think that the games of Nintendo wii u are specific to the age of my kid. yuo confirm this? suggestions? many thanks
Portugal, and you?
thank you dear friend.the positive thing is that, on head-fi, i have known good people like you
two power cables mades by my builder the cable is built with pure copper and terminated with iec and schuko furutech rodium. the cable is from top cable with 6mm.x4 class 5 cable. i offer paypal fees and shipping
1 meter-3Feet balanced moonaudio black dragon Xlr 90€ shipped and paypaled
Due to a health problem with my ears, i´m forced to leave the headphones. For this reason i sell all my stuffs. Balanced BETA-22 this is a unique version of this amplifier. the power section has a first stage with capacitors, a second stage with 4 hammond chokes and a third stage with two sigma 22 boards. the pot is a quad alps RK-50. wired with pure copper 21.5 AWG 7N occ   free shipping to europe. payment with iban or paypal(add 4%) i´m the original...
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