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It´s the same from netherland? i´ve ordered mine 8th, this month. they answered my mails
mine is in belgium. i hope to receive this week
I think that some people don't see the principal objective. The jot is an amplifier, nothing more. If yoy want a dac, you have the possibilitie for 100 dollars to have a dual akm dac. A dual akm that is one of the best d/s dac in the market Of course, you have a lot better dacs in the market. From my experience, miracles only an exclusive of jesus christ Personally, first i try the internal dac. Eventually i will buy a separate dac
I.have no.tried the 800s but i had the 800 woth two different cables and used with little-dot mkVI and balanced beta-22. Good with first amplifier and tube rolling, horrible with second. If you don't have right system, don't buy
yes, bought new from schiit europe. We spoke recently for your jot on subito site
If you are happy with mojo, don't changeP.s.: i'm the one who called you for the jotunheim. :-)
Thank you. I'm curious because i had some balanced amps in the past and with single ended in only the same out, due to the circuit.Well...this is another good point for jotunheim
i don´t understand one thing: if i use a single ended source with jot, the balance headphone out works?. in case that it´s possible, how? thank you
agree. neutrik gold pin, cheap and really good
i´m waiting for my jot too.i bought this cable: but i have no tried yet.about power cable i made mine with a good cable that costs around 4€ meter.about the usb cable, i bought one from Uk gold plated but really cheap i have two supra main cables for...
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