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my advice: if you´re happy, don´t change setup.eventually buy the LISST or another tube to try
Akm 4490 is used in high-end equipment too. I never tried multibit dacs and i believe that sound really good but the principal thing is the dac board costs only 100 dollars so the.objective is quality at low price
Connected the Jot, i´m impressed with installation of drivers or rather the non-installation. My system is windows 10.the device has apparead immediately, as well as in tidal Good work Schiit
We have the same desk?LOL
little-dot mkVI, first release, my balanced beta-22(a little complicated to put bal/se)
I think that it's the noire or claire.Isn't 20 awg for sure
of course you´re right. if you have a balanced source better but it´s more one possibility in more offered by the Jot.i had bal. amplfier that worked only with balanced source
I asked to some people if jotunheim works in balanced mod with unbalanced dac and the answer is yes. many people uses Jotunheim with bifrost or modi
It´s the same situation when we bought products from states or another country outside EU: double vat plus custom.The only manufacturer, that i know, that send outside EU without Vat is rudistorIn every case, from my humble experience, with or without Vat the faw cables are terrific Q/P relationship
i read from a member had the mojo and jotunheim with dac at the same time; he said that the difference between jot with internal dac and mojo wired to jot was little.but since be opinion not mine, i don´t put my hand on fire
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