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Tried thesycon package?
The advantage is in the microdetail and instruments separation. And the female voice is better LOL Or just is better to have one transformer compared to two or three
Nice and intelligent product the cable in the lenght/Ver. field
about pm-3 i bought the copper series 20awg. my source is tidal and amplifiers in my signature
No.doubt but the vat plus custom is around 35-40%
For now i have only the pm-3. I had many headphones so the oppo of course is not the best but is a really good headphones. In the jot sounds better but the difference with xduoo is small. But i received the amplifier friday. It'soon for a final decision
Depends from the.combination of headphone, cable and amplifier.For example:i had two jvc dx-1000 balanced, one with stock cable and the other with norseaudio cable. The first was better
now that the dollar is pratically :1 with euro, it´s worse. same price more 40%
or sweet jellyfish
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