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strange. a lot of portugueses speak english
I hope that you're enjoy the food the sun the city and the people
Hello, i have spotify(for now free version) on my iphone and my ipad my i phone and ipad are connected to na 3g/4g wireless router with lan ports how is possible to send spotify music to my HT amp(coax, optical or hdmi)? the appletv connected to lan is a possible solution? thank you
From Portugal to Sicily(really near)600€(lisbon-rome-catania) each person. we are four people 2.400€. for this reason i don´t go to my town WTF
I have some bottles
with my 1500 headphoneus supremus without headphoneswe open some beer kegs(around 100)
we are a United people
  in fact.that awesome..........finger!!!!
same dream!!!
not in EIRE.i have a house in the south odf Portugal and i always go in a irish café with karaoke, guinness and irish of courseone day my dream is to see your country
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