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About stereophile situation, probably if the review was about a theta digital dac, the dac was modern, innovative and with wonderful resolution. but it´s about schiit so... the problem is that, today, thanks to schiit and some other companies we have really good products with affordable price and this is bad for high-end industries. in the past the situation was really different. about the food i don´t understand the fact of not eating. young i was fat, really. now i...
You will receive, don't worry
Finally Jot is available in Europe after long time. Bought one with dac. i´m really curious about this little amp after my past with 30kg headphone amplifiers
i contacted Alex and i had a feedback only after long time and only after wrote to Charles(SS Audio),present in this forum
from a first contact with this cable, the impression is positive. now the opo pm-3 has bass, probably too much the refinement in the sound is evident. for the retail price, this is in first position between cables that i had.
yes, you´re right and the tracking number exists but burson does not send to customers. honestly i don´t know why
The shipment is from china. Mine arrived after long time
@Kenneth Tang thank you. The important is that the jot souds good in the price range. The similar products(excluding audio-gd)are more expensive. I'm waiting the stock from european reseller
Hi, i´m looking for a jotunheim without dac from a european member I´m located in Europe, so 230V Thank you
i´m interested about the sound with elear
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