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Just in case: how replace the battery and wich type is? thanks
Tidal writes a lot of things.i´m waiting the solution for gapless on my oppo bdp-103 LOLi think that the client´s support is formed by untrained people
super soap´s cake
For sale one Centrance dac port slim. Mint condition. the dac port comes with a usb cable. latest firmware, tried with usb 3.0 and with windows 10 i send to your mail the firmware and the drivers. Asked price, including payal fees and international shipping with registered mail: 52€ see my feedback thank you for your attention
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same things with me when choose tidal music with external usb device. music palis with device, videos form soundcard LOL
....laurel & hardy
full day with the xduoo and oppo pm-3. considering that i bought my oppo used, the combo cost me 440€, i reconfirm my impression. probably just with some rock,it´s not the best. for the rest, beautiful voices and percussions. the bass is more 009 style, ie not very deep but well defined. i can hear the various parts of sound´s message and small details. at this point, i´d be curious about op-amp rolling, except that a great friend from head-fi lent me one raysamuels...
spaghetti and parmigiano
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