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In balanced or single-ended mode?Thank you
when a dac/amplifier like jotunheim but just single ended and with multibit dac? i think it would be a very popular product
Just arrived. 20 AWG copper for oppo pm-3 Very light and flexible. I had in the past norse and moon-audio cable. I.bought from FAW because i read a lot of positive review, is located in europe so no custom and most important the price
PM sent
really thanks for your review.i was thinking about this amplifier only for headphonesgrazie milleAldo
when i ordered mine, no tracking. the funny thing, after a long time, is that i receveid one mail with shipping confirmation and tracking number in the same day that i received the package. i don´t understand this
the op-amps in I/V stage are single or dual?thank you
Someone knows if the line out is fixed or variable? thank you
I found with the burson more definition. Every time that i listen this amplifier i'm surprised. Like a told,always remember that is a combo for less 200€ or dollars, so in this range price is very good
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