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i have discovered that my huawei p8 lite has no support t otg so no amplifier with the phone.in the meantime i found one oppo pm-3 used like new so i make a try
no. now i´m out from high-end headphones
The hp-1000 is a fascinating object and of course has a beautiful soundI had one in the same period with ps-1000, hf-2 and magnum v5. I don't know the new symphones drivers, i think that magnum is near of hp-1000 philosophy but not equal.The modern grados another style.So good one hp-1000 in the hands....Enviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
Great headphone but, today, you have a lot of headphones in the market.And, most important, the only person "official repair" was Joe GradoEnviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
really thanks. installed on adroid device and it´s free. tonight i will try
For me no.doubt. the best i hadEnviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
I remember in the '80's the second movie hellbound....fantasticEnviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
Wth the application from win10 store is perfect. i´m really happy.with my anodroid phone the gap is very small.the big problem is with my oppo bdp-103. sometimes is good,i dn´t understand if this problem exists only with hi-fi quality
Well the tidal application for win10 is gapless. I spoke many times with an engineer from oppo and with a guy from tidal's support. The gap is a big problem of tidal and the team working to resolve this problem. Enviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
How works with tidal? You need to open tidal or you make login through this application?it's gapless?Thank youEnviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
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