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you´re hungry!!!
no doubt!!!!you´re the king
it´s a destroied house with only a WC.represents our countries(italy, greece, spain and portugal). we have just the WC!!!the picture was taken from me in Badajoz, region estremadura, country Spain.P.S.: you know that my city, Siracusa, was the bigger colony of Corinth in the mediterranean sea.a part of my blood is greek
X1. my italy was really horrible!!!!now i´m greek
an airy house with WC in Badajoz, Spain, EU
I'm a zombie
16 KG 27 KG 38 KG thank you!!!
For salçe digital coaxial cable from Atlas cable pure copper occ, lenght 1.2 meter, terminated with neutrik rca. the price includes paypal and international shipping with tracking thank you
vintage like tubes and i :-)
 P.S.: sung in neapolitan
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