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You have the distributor near in netherland
About portable or not, i have an oppo pm-3 that is portable. I use in my house with faw cable and hugo and sounds really good compared to dome headphones i had in the past.
From my experience batteries are better compared to traditional main section. Now i read linear supply. I don't know what is this but seems to me a transformer with regulators. I don't have 2 qute for compairison but to my ears hugo sounds good The solution in hugo TT remember me the hifi car: i had in the past a gigantic capacitor after the batterie(and fuse)
I sent a mail to mrspeaker asking the impedance of aeon. Says me thatis around 13-14 ohm so i think that is really easy to drive
Probablyone day TT is more affordable. Dave is really out of my budget. But about TT, the main board is equal to hugo right?
after some listening hours, i think that hugo is better compared to mojo. i don´t know specifications but seems to me that the output power is powerful compared to mojo. the surprise was bigger when i heard mojo after many years with sigma-delta dacs. so with the hugo i found a similar resolution but with a better definition in the low section and more body probably the TT version is slighty better due to the implementation of dual battery and capacitors. IMHO the...
for the summer aeon arrives to european distributor?
you forgot portuguese BOM but beacoup is not equal to bueno or bene
i don´t know but fit perfectly the hugo TT in a small dimension
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