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in my opinion is one of the most confortable. the pads seem pillows i have already written in this thread the following words: i spent a lot of the Money with headphones. the headphone that has given me more pleasure is the dx-1000. perfect headphone?negative balanced headphone?negative neutral sound?ahahahahahahah, negative easy to match?negative but so romantic, so lustful...
thanks for your impressions.i bought one áudio-gd nfb-10se and i´m thinking of going back to the jvc.i had two dx-1000 in the past, now i´m undecised between one dx-1000 or one dx-700 recabled
i like. hammond chokes?
not everyone has my hairy fascination
pm sent
this is me eating pizza.how you found my film?
Daryll has only solid state, one of last.remember me the movie highlander there can be only one(me)you has a lot of vecchie putt..., sorry old tubes
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