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the price is higher. well. just a comercial release
good for the market. in these days i´m listening the T1 with the áudio-gd nfb-10se. this combo is not at the level of my principal rig but is a reaslly interesting combination. it´s not always necessary to spend a lot of Money for a good sound.
sometime the desire returnsthe dx-2000 is pratically the same headphone?just more expensive?
pure luck.i have 4 chokes in my beta-22
no, that is the gardener´s house
in my opinion is one of the most confortable. the pads seem pillows i have already written in this thread the following words: i spent a lot of the Money with headphones. the headphone that has given me more pleasure is the dx-1000. perfect headphone?negative balanced headphone?negative neutral sound?ahahahahahahah, negative easy to match?negative but so romantic, so lustful...
thanks for your impressions.i bought one áudio-gd nfb-10se and i´m thinking of going back to the jvc.i had two dx-1000 in the past, now i´m undecised between one dx-1000 or one dx-700 recabled
i like. hammond chokes?
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