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really thanks for your review.i was thinking about this amplifier only for headphonesgrazie milleAldo
when i ordered mine, no tracking. the funny thing, after a long time, is that i receveid one mail with shipping confirmation and tracking number in the same day that i received the package. i don´t understand this
the op-amps in I/V stage are single or dual?thank you
Someone knows if the line out is fixed or variable? thank you
I found with the burson more definition. Every time that i listen this amplifier i'm surprised. Like a told,always remember that is a combo for less 200€ or dollars, so in this range price is very good
try the´s really cheap and if you don´t like sell easy
i have some doubts that sounds really good
Please, an advice I read parts of the thread but i don't understand if the elear is easy to drive My amplifier is the xduoo xd-05 with burson op-amp Now i have no intention to spend a lot of money in a dac-amp because i'm a retired audiophile :-) Thank you
Hi everyone. I have problems with all kind of tips. the only that fits erfect in my ears is the ss tips included in my maxell dba 700. i had, in the past, a rha 750. i loved this headphne but i sold due to my problem with tips. so to try others iem, where can i find ss tips? thanks for the help
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