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Daryll has only solid state, one of last.remember me the movie highlander there can be only one(me)you has a lot of vecchie putt..., sorry old tubes
I was a tube owner :-)
you with the tubes?don´t leave me alone with solid state
AMEN!!! and for free.a thank you to AC and TK
Hasta el pastel de Belém, siempre!!! My favourite pastel in Portugal
complicated question and complicated response.the same thing: why the electrostatic sounds better compared to dynamic and ortho?many people say that in the ortho the movement of the driver is small compared to the dynamic driver and exist less the electrstatic the movement is minimal.i´m not a techincal and sorry for my english but i think that each techonology has strengths and weaknesses.
well...akg k-1000 and he-6 desserve the speaker output but my beta drove this headphones .but i think that if it becomes a regular thing(see the orthos), this means distorting the essence of headphones philosophy HASTA LA PUTTANESCA, SIEMPRE!!!
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