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this is just my opinion: the headphone hardwired is light.with connector is more heavy and there are too many connectionsdriver»cable»female connector»male connector»cable.i had/have two T1, one with stock cable and one with up-occ pure copper.with the aftermarket cable is better(detail and transparence)but is always a beyer T1.i think that the silver cable is not a good option.i tried some up-occ 7N cables(litz or multifilament)in the past and i think that the...
sorry, i didn´t know that your cable was broken.certainly has been bad luck
i know but worth it?
why put more things in the path to the drivers?
nice post 
in the past, when brands like sony(es series), technics, pioneer, etc. etc. made high-end products, the other brands(with some exceptions) could only watch. today, unfortunately, the tendency is to invest in the market of large numbers.
ghostbusters is one of my favourite movies. harold ramis was a really fun figure. i´m sad today....
the price is higher. well. just a comercial release
good for the market. in these days i´m listening the T1 with the áudio-gd nfb-10se. this combo is not at the level of my principal rig but is a reaslly interesting combination. it´s not always necessary to spend a lot of Money for a good sound.
sometime the desire returnsthe dx-2000 is pratically the same headphone?just more expensive?
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