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i don´t have a Glenn amplifier(i hope to listen one soon)but i thank glenn for this funny and friendly thread.p.s.. i´m an ignorant, every day i learn something
Behind a keyboard, we are all good.this is the human being, what can you do....
of course, but today cais do sodré is a little different, vecchio marpione!!!
Luz&Som, near to the riverUltimate-Audio, near to Benfica StadiumImacustica in downtown(i think)Absolute Sound & Vision near to Pombal Squarebut save your time and enjoy the cityA good lunch in the "Solar dos Presuntos" with a good typical "Vinho Verde"
after the fantastic Mr. D, this fantastic cakeyou are an artist.happy birthady to your kid
of course!
in my rig the black dragon sounds different compared to the stock.not huge different but i prefere the black dragon.about alo and dhc, this cable are in a much more high end price.if you say that the silver is good for the T1, i believe you.for me the T1 is already bright
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