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great and complete review like always. nice work!
he was the guitarist of fletwood mac, right?one of the architects of rumours???
For me, Trevor is a great person. but too much people waits the return of norseaudio. at this point, i think that is important this question: norseaudio in or out??? c´mon Trevor...
i don´t have a Glenn amplifier(i hope to listen one soon)but i thank glenn for this funny and friendly thread.p.s.. i´m an ignorant, every day i learn something
Behind a keyboard, we are all good.this is the human being, what can you do....
of course, but today cais do sodré is a little different, vecchio marpione!!!
Luz&Som, near to the riverUltimate-Audio, near to Benfica StadiumImacustica in downtown(i think)Absolute Sound & Vision near to Pombal Squarebut save your time and enjoy the cityA good lunch in the "Solar dos Presuntos" with a good typical "Vinho Verde"
after the fantastic Mr. D, this fantastic cakeyou are an artist.happy birthady to your kid
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