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i saw now. seem to me na interesting and funny game.
My kid is an earthquake, he needs quiet games
It´s a good question but will be only one consolle
you´re wrong: 1099 1 dollar is for the coffee
apart from the various opinions, there has been a recent period with only expensive things(headphones and amplifiers) like stax sr-009, apex Pinnacle and company, etc. etc. now, are coming out hedphones, amplifiers, dac, etc. with an affordable price and good performance. i think that is good for the customers
received today news letter from oppo. the new PM-1 is born(1099 dollars) will follow a PM-2
i grew up(i´m 42 years old) with donkey kong, super mario, super pang, etc, etc. i think that i´m going to enjoy even. what? is for my kid? really thanks for your help. just another question: whati is LBP?
thanks for your help. the price is also more title for wii u. i saw in the fnac stores package with games and remote. i will buy the wii u. for blu -ray i will use my oppo. p.s.: netflix in my country not works
Hello, i need your advice. my kid is 6 years old. this year i will buy one console. i saw in the store and in internet the specifications about the PS4 and Nintendo WII U. I think that ps4 hardawrae is the best and the ps4 has a blu-ray player. but about the games, i think that the games of Nintendo wii u are specific to the age of my kid. yuo confirm this? suggestions? many thanks
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