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Well the tidal application for win10 is gapless. I spoke many times with an engineer from oppo and with a guy from tidal's support. The gap is a big problem of tidal and the team working to resolve this problem. Enviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
How works with tidal? You need to open tidal or you make login through this application?it's gapless?Thank youEnviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
Understood perfectlyThank you for your helpEnviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
Really thanks. I have read the review on innerfidelity and the price is really good.I'm disectualized about hp's.I don't know the Fulla. It's a good stuff?If i'm right massdrop has the centrance.Enviado do meu ALE-L21 através de Tapatalk
thank you. i had two T1 in the past. i don´t think that the dragonfly drives well the T1 due to high impedance
about the budget for the headphone from 300 to 1.000 €(possibly an used headphones)i don´t have preferences about open or closed.i´m looking for a good system without any "audiophile" pretensionmy activity in the past with headphones is dead and buried
Hi everyone. i need an advice because i´m thinking about a possible return to headphones. two years ago i abandoned due to a hearing problem and also because i was tired to try and change resulting from the continuous search for the perfect sound. i had some good headphones like HE-6, K-1000, HP-1000, HD-800, etc. etc. now i´m oriented to a more "relaxed" situation. My source is Tidal through PC or Android phone. About the amplifier i´m thinking to buy an audioquest...
thank you!!! good to see you!
i will put to run Glenn and Stavros. The tube´s closet of Stavros is like Fort Knox. and in the end: Portugal european champion!!!!!!
The red can drive headphones like beyer t90? thank you
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