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went from greece i eated like tree pigs. wonderful food, wonderful country, wonderful people but most important: wonderful rosgr63 that is a really special person and friend. and now one picture for the voyeurs :-)
we will do the club of mystery men
i had a result that i knew: You're a Mystery ahahahahahahahahah!!!!!
among other headphones i´ve had, has always been my favourite.tried(always in balancing mode) with two different norseaudiocable, in the end i preferred the stock cable(of course in my rig)
you´re hungry!!!
no doubt!!!!you´re the king
it´s a destroied house with only a WC.represents our countries(italy, greece, spain and portugal). we have just the WC!!!the picture was taken from me in Badajoz, region estremadura, country Spain.P.S.: you know that my city, Siracusa, was the bigger colony of Corinth in the mediterranean sea.a part of my blood is greek
X1. my italy was really horrible!!!!now i´m greek
an airy house with WC in Badajoz, Spain, EU
I'm a zombie
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