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an hugo 2 for free for all partecipants to this thread
i have only 119.000. what a pity
i liked much this advice...really
Please, where?
this is seriousness. when they are produced the v2 after a short time, the v1 lose value with detriment of customer´s wallets.i hope that aeon arrives soon in europe. i would have bought in pre-order due to excellent price but with new direction of custom it´s too expensive buy outside europe
i´m looking to an alternative headphone and aeon is in the first place due to comfort, price and dac/amp is an hugo. i found that hugo is slightly better in terms of output power compared to you considere that hugo/aeon returns good sound signature? big difference with ethers?thank you
You have the distributor near in netherland
About portable or not, i have an oppo pm-3 that is portable. I use in my house with faw cable and hugo and sounds really good compared to dome headphones i had in the past.
From my experience batteries are better compared to traditional main section. Now i read linear supply. I don't know what is this but seems to me a transformer with regulators. I don't have 2 qute for compairison but to my ears hugo sounds good The solution in hugo TT remember me the hifi car: i had in the past a gigantic capacitor after the batterie(and fuse)
I sent a mail to mrspeaker asking the impedance of aeon. Says me thatis around 13-14 ohm so i think that is really easy to drive
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