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For salçe digital coaxial cable from Atlas cable pure copper occ, lenght 1.2 meter, terminated with neutrik rca. the price includes paypal and international shipping with tracking thank you
vintage like tubes and i :-)
 P.S.: sung in neapolitan
For sale two hdmi cables compatibles with 4k and 3D lenght 1 meter price includes paypal and shipping. thank you
I have some cd´s for sale: pop, rock, jazz, italian, etc. ask the list and prices: 3€ each. depending on order, lower price for each cd no paypal fees. shipping: please ask(free to europe) thank you
we should organize an european álcool meet:wines, whisky, beers, cognac, ouzo,etc.etc.etc.i make my homemade limoncello!!!!45º of frozen lemon
i love this whisky but never tried the alba reserve.i´m curious
i believe you :-)
Beautiful place and stunning food.i want!!!somebody give me a ticket to my great spoke about S. francisco in CA.i thinked S. Francisco in Umbria(Italy)
a little help?
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