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For sell an Audio-GD NFD-10SE. the amplifier is in perfect copndition, just a little sign in the front(see the picture) Mine is upgraded with the chip tenor te8802(24/192) The amplifier comes with remote and usb cable. i have original receipt paypal free shiping free to europe thank you
you don´t need a lot of power
of course!
i forgot: the glenn amplifiers are a piece of art!!!!
went from greece i eated like tree pigs. wonderful food, wonderful country, wonderful people but most important: wonderful rosgr63 that is a really special person and friend. and now one picture for the voyeurs :-)
we will do the club of mystery men
i had a result that i knew: You're a Mystery ahahahahahahahahah!!!!!
among other headphones i´ve had, has always been my favourite.tried(always in balancing mode) with two different norseaudiocable, in the end i preferred the stock cable(of course in my rig)
you´re hungry!!!
no doubt!!!!you´re the king
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