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Agree with this review. With mojo is fantastic
I wrote about balanced dac just because the jot has balanced input. The balanced connection on the source is different compared to balanced headphone. And i wrote that i tried the mojo that is se and jot works perfectly in this configuration. About internal dac, in my opinion isn't bad, just not so good like a separate solution. For 100 dollars is difficult to make better
i connected the mojo to jotunheim and the result is really good but my headhone is easy to drive and i want a single unit. for this reason i sold the jot.considering every electronic alone, yes i prefere the mojo.i still have the curiosity to try the jot with another dac like gugnir or denafrips ares
I send a pm
Finally i sold my jotunheim. After the experience with mojo,i can't listen the internal dac.the amplifier section is really good. I believe with a good balanced dac sounds espectacular. In every case, the jotunheim is a really good product for the price
yes because i´m buying an hugoP.S.: i wrote this after pratically sold my mojo
prepare for a new experience
For sale, brand new(less one month)Jotunheim with dac. i need money for other projects. I have original box and invoice, bought from european distributor. With the amplifier i offer one power cavle, one usb cable and one 1/4 to 3.5 mm adapter. the price includes all(fees, shipping) to E.U. thank you
For sale Chord Mojo in mint condition and few hours of utilisations. The mojo comes with original package, one travel bag, one audioquest evergreen cable 3.5mm to rca and 1/4 to 3.5 mm headphone adapter. Free shipping to UE, rest € 15 thank you
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