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there is only one IE80, it shouldn't make a difference, worst case you can get a refund.   As for the price, if you buy it from EU you'll only have to pay somewhere around 270 (, for example).  Warranty service is iffy though.
I was just looking at the aliexpress site that is supposedly selling gr07 for 50 bucks, that seller has zero ratings, all of their headphones are on sale, but all of the pictures are stolen from other stores, their vsd3 pics even has waterprints from another taobao seller.   so. yeah.  no thanks.
was $220 at NCIX weekend sale just now, sold out.
it doesn't even sound like the reviewer had a good seal with these... I mean the whole point of a hybrid is to have bass, so I find it hard to believe that these have none
$599 again at NCIX Canada through their weekly sales page link
The IE800 is only 16 ohms and is a dynamic with no real changes in impedance curve, how can it possibly be hard to drive with an iphone, and for that matter, why would different DAC make any actual difference if they are supposed to output flat signals?  If it actually sounded dramatically different then couldn't you simply achieve the same thing with EQ?
Could you guys comment on the isolation?  Is it a sealed dynamic like SE215 or does it have a vent?  I'd love to try this but I'm finding myself in the market for something with more isolation than my IE80s on my daily commute.  Thanks
For you Canadians, Ncix is selling these for 600 this weekend. Unfortunately for me I need something more isolating. Oops looks like it's back to regular price, either sold out or was price error
Yes, I also looked noble cable pull strength up on google because I thought maybe past indicators would be a good starting basis for my guess - I saw a private video and moved on. I am however offended at the implication that the rest of us would also have participated in the contest if we too accidentally saw the exact answer. Congratulations to the winner and noble, the actual number is pretty astonishing
33.1 lbs 23.5 lbs 18.1 lbs
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