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Hey guys just an update on my um pro 50s. I pretty much quit headfi for a while after I got them to stop myself from wanting anything else since I blew my budget for the year... Anyway, last time I posted I was having problem with the seal, none of the star tips for me very well and nothing else I had in my inventory was right. I managed to get my hands on a pack of Shure olives for cheap and they fit just about perfect, plus they've been lasting a surprising amount of...
Oops sorry that's what happens when I post at 3 am http://youtu.be/M8gjsefNYpE
Hey twister, I'm curious if you could listen to this bass test and tell me how you hear the um50 and w50/60 once it gets down to 50hz, thanks
Google lachlan likes a thing, he has a YouTube vid comparing the momentum to the cx
I think the JH Roxanne has an interesting bass tuning knob on the cable itself that might be worth mentioning, not sure if that works the same way you guys did your tuning knob
The black coloured true fits do give me a solid seal, its just that I feel a little bit like my right ear's stuffed, which is unfortunate because the isolation is pretty amazing (coming from ie80). The grey star tips (the default set) are almost okay, but I just feel like the right side is hit and miss. Hopefully the shure olives get here on Monday, I can always try converting my whole bag of t400 equivalent tips later using the stem of unused tips. I was hoping I could...
I've been struggling to get a good seal with my um pro 50, my right ear canal is bigger than my left and both are bent so they don't like any of the longer tips. So far the only thing that fits okay are the black coloured foams, but even those feels a bit too tight / sometimes if I don't insert them right the sound gets muffled. Unfortunately it means I can't really accurately judge the bass at the moment (I ordered some shure olives and hope those will be better fit),...
Try the "rock" eq setting, if you like boosted low end and treble then you like the V signature, if you really want to get intimate with the singers' voice then you'll want something more balanced or mid centric
If you like V signature then you might like Momentum, if you like "audiophile" quality then you won't.  Sennheiser did just come out with a new cx3 and cx5 though (although 5 looks kinda.... meh), but both are more mainstream.   I don't know if anyone around here still uses monster turbines anymore, I had the first version and they were super heavy, which is also kind of why I didn't mention the Dunu 1000   http://www.head-fi.org/products/dunu-dn-1000   it's a hybrid...
Yamaha EPh100 though it won't your ear canals any favours, I dunno If you like your wireless Sony SBH80, shallow insert, smooth, though not gonna be a detail monster maybe GR07 is more balanced for you
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