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AKG 33 Audio-Technica 32 Beyerdynamic 14 HEAL German Maestro/MB Quart 5 Grado 23 JVC 31 Sennheiser 39 Stax 38 Yamaha 11 HURT
AKG 31 Audio-Technica 26 Beyerdynamic 18 Heal Denon 4 Hurt German Maestro/MB Quart 13 Grado 23 JVC 23 Koss 9 Sennheiser 34 Stax 31 Yamaha 11
AKG 23 Audio-Technica 23 Beyerdynamic 19 HEAL Denon 17 Fostex 2 HURT German Maestro/MB Quart 11 Grado 21 JVC 28 Koss 12 M-Audio 8 Sennheiser 23 Stax 23 Yamaha 13
Hello, is it possible to set either RCA or XLR out to "calibrated" and the other one to "variable" ?
AKG 15 Audio-Technica 21 Behringer 7 Beyerdynamic 16 HEAL Denon 14 Fostex 9 German Maestro/MB Quart 10 Grado 19 JVC 23 Koss 11 M-Audio 9 Pioneer 3 Hurt Roland 10 Sennheiser 23 Stax 19 Yamaha 12
AKG 14 Audio-Technica 17 Behringer 8 HURT Beyerdynamic 16 Denon 13 Fostex 9 German Maestro 10 Grado 21 JVC 15 Koss 10 M-Audio 10 Panasonic 7 Philips 4 Pioneer 9 Roland 9 Sennheiser 21 Shure 2 HEAL (best service i ever encountered. broke it and got new one no questions asked) Stax 16 Yamaha 11
For me the effect is significant. But since you asked i just tried to quantify the effect by reducing the left or right channel volume at the PC. When the Volume pot is at 10 o'clock i have to reduce the left channel by 2 percent and at 3 o'clock to increase left channel by 1 percent to get the Stage where it is with other Sources (where it should be). Those 2 Percent sound significant to me, especially because the balance-change happens through a small degree (9 to 11...
I found out that my HDR Version has an irregularity in left-right channel balance with its volume pot. The middle of the stage gets shifted in the left area when the pot is at 9 to 11 o'clock, and slight to the right at around 3 o'clock. The problem does not occur when i avoid the volume pot by setting the XLR-out to calibrated. It is a problem with the volume pot, and since this is the main part which got worked on in the HDR Version, i wanted to ask if this might be a...
My DT 880 leatherpads arrived today and i can't be happier! The pads are very easy to install on the headphone, in opposite to the original velour pads. The already comfortable Beyer got so much more comfortable, that i even like the feeling having them on my head. As for the sound, let me just say this: I spent several hours with them today enjoying music, with some back and forth A/B/C switching with my 10 days old HD 800 and same aged JVC DX1000. Compared to...
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