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HiDo you have a link for getting the westone cable?
Hi all I just got an EX1000. Sounds really good but the right side is louder than the left. Do you think burn in will fix this or should I get warranty repair from Sony?
I used have the SE530 for many years and now I have had the SM3 V1 for about three years.  The sound signature is quite similar; however, there is more bass and treble extension and more instrumentation separation.  I had to re-rip all my 128kb tracks to 320kb because SM3 is much more detailed.    However, the SM3 V1 build quality is not that great.  I think the V2 is better. 
That is genius!  Thanks
I had the SE530 for many years and now the SM3 v1.  The SM3 has much better bass impact and more treble extension.  Otherwise, they both sound similar.  NEED to use the sensorcom tip.
  I used to have the SE530 for three years which I enjoyed a lot.  The midrange is absolutely great and it is better than the SM3, but not by much.  In fact their sound signatures are similar.  The SM3 has much better bass.  The treble on the SM3 like the SE530 is a bit recessed, but the SM3 has more extension.  So with my rockboxed fuze, I EQ the high end and it works great.  However, the treble of both of them do not compare with my full size cans.  But it is the...
I use my SM3 in the gym without any problems.  I route the cable on my back and into my Fuze.  Sometimes I route it inside my shift to prevent tangling.   I just got the Sensorcom tips.  I previously used the SM3 dual flange, Shure's Olive, Shure's triple flange and what they said is true.  The Sensorcom tips really opens up the SM3.  I used to add eq on the treble, but with these tips I use flat now.  At first I trimmed the post too short and I did not get a good...
The SE530 has better mids.  It is very smooth and it is very natural and pleasant.  The SM3 also has good mids, but not as good.  However, it has better bass which extend much further than the SE530.  The treble is recessed on both of them, but the SE530 has a nasty roll off around 12K while the SM3 does not.  The other thing about the SM3 is that I can hear more detail and I can pin point instrument location better than the SE530, which made me re-rip all my songs to a...
I had the se530 for many years.  To keep the cable from getting hard, I clean them up after use.  That worked for me for about a year and 1/2 until I sold it.  It was still soft then.  Great mids, but not so great treble.  Now I have the SM3 and I had to re-ripped all my songs that were below 192kpbs.  The SE530 were more forgiving making lower kbps song sound good too.  But with the SM3, you can hear a lot more detail when songs are ripped at 192 or even at 320kpbs.
Here is how I did it.  I used a paper clip and bend it to extract the filter.  I don't like the mod as the high frequencies sound kind of harsh.  Very reversible mod.  Be careful not to loose it as it will jump when it comes out.   
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