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So where's the E60? Dual-BA has always been my favorite set up (UE700 > 900, IM02>03, XBA20 > 30, etc etc).   Also don't like how ATH is following footsteps of Sony XBA series naming convention for each new generation, by adding more zeroes behind the numbers (XBA 1 --> XBA 10 --> XBA 100) with the CKR100 and E70 and such...   At least keep it IM20, IM30, is wrong with ATH's marketing team...   Finally, IM03 was absolutely fantastic. And from what I read...
 Despite the CKR9 and 10's weighty bass and spacious presentation, I feel that the sound at its core still carry many of ATH's traditional house sound traits for their smaller drivered earphones/headphones/IEMs. So if you like that sort of thing you'd enjoy the CKR10s for you!
I don't know about the new XBA A3s, but I hated the H3s. Just a generally sucky pair of IEMs. I heard A3 is a good improvement, but not willing to try Sony again until they have an instant classic like the EXKs.    CKR10 definitely has that bass impact and crisp highs. CKR9 was too screamingly bright for me. I guess that's why people recommend CKR9LTD since that is closer to CKR10 sound.      BUT, if OP wants something like TF10, there really isn't a good replacement...
 Where did you read those reviews?  Owning both SE535 and CKR9, there is NOTHING in common between those two, except both are IEMs and make sound.
Yamaha EPH-100SL for $91.99 on Amazon, brand new.   "Very Good" sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals, $65   "Like New" sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals, $70.   Excellent price as these have been going between $150-200 forever.
When I purchased IM02 I auditioned 03 and 04 as well. And I have been thinking about IM03 ever since. But then again the IM03 costs almost twice as much as the IM02
 I was very pleasantly surprised by their sound when I briefly auditioned them at a fye store. 
 Get the H3. For $90 more you are getting much much better sound.
I for one loved the sound of the momentums. Bass is deep and assertive but never too much. For reference I really like the sound of my ER4PTs and the Q701s. And I don't feel that the mid and treble of the Momentums are in anyway compromised because of the bass.  I've never been a huge fan of Sennheiser to be honest, except for the Momentum.  I've had the Amperior before. They were clear and fast. With both the Momemtum and the Amperior, the issue that ultimately made me...
 WOW OH WOW boy am I glad to have checked this thread today. It is still there for $249.00. I purchased for $349.00 a week ago. Just got price adjusted.  Was seriously thinking about returning these at $349.00, but at $249, it is a keeper. 
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