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Quote: Originally Posted by malfayu hey, I have had a pair of ATH-M50 for about a week now, after reading lots of good new about them, i can say you will not be disappointed! I bought them because i needed some closed headphones for use in the library and on the street, and they do a job in isolating noise, and more importantly they do not seem to leak at all, at least at sane volume levels! Overall i'm extremely happy with them, they sound very...
I am just about to pull the trigger on Audio Technica ATH-M50. Now, like many other head-fiers, I would wait to hear the feedback on the Shure SRH840. The specs are so similar, you would think they focus-grouped the same group of musicians, DJs, engineers and head-fiers. One question is, do these cans have the reversable ear-cups that grace many DJ headphones? DJs use them for one-ear monitoring. I intend to use them for too-lazy-to put-them-on or...
We are all begging for a detailed AB comparison of the ATH-M50 against the Shure SRH840 now! Somebody, please pull us out of this state of suspense.
and you beat me to it! Awesome!
No love yet? Bumpy bump!
Thanks a lot for the information! I didn't realize that there is so much to APE. In general, I would prefer to go with a DAP that can handle APE directly instead of having to convert it to another format. Conversion takes computing resources and may (of course, may not) cause a degradation in SQ, I'm afraid.
This is my first post under this section but I have been a lurker in the dark. I read a large amount of threads before I bought my AKG K702 and have been very happy with the purchase. It’s a wonderful headphone but, as always, is not suited for all situations. Now, I am looking to get another over-the-head headphone to complement my K702. (I heard that ear plugs destroys your hearing and causes ear-ringing but that’s a different topic.) My requirements are: •Neutrality,...
Quote: Originally Posted by ericj The Gigabeat S is the only rockbox target that plays ape encoded at -c4000. Gigabeat F and iRiver h1x0, h3x0, and other coldfire targets play to -c3000. Ipods, iriver H10, and other portalplayer targets only decode ape encoded at -c1000. Can I trouble you to elaborate a bit more on this? I assume you are referring to the different levels at which an APE file can be encoded. Do they affect the sound quality...
Thank you all for your helpful and kind replies! This forum is really awesome! I especially like the fact that people not only post their opinions, but they also give you their logical reasons to back up their assertions. Looks like Rockbox is getting a unanimous endorcement!
IMO, the SRH840 is going after the studio/recording/DJ market in its price and looks. I wonder how it compared with the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which has received wonderful reviews from fellow Head-fiers.
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