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I've been thinking about the Focal SM6 series myself but they are out of your price range. Given your limit of $1,000, I think the Dynaudio BM5A are very good.
Quote: Originally Posted by mjay1977 Styling... I have heard alot of comments about the styling on the headphones, some good, some bad but all very valid and useful. How here's a question... At each Shure model price point, what model would you consider the design benchmark ie. the best designed headphone at the given price? Benchmark against: -SRH240 ($59) -SRH440 ($99) -SRH840 ($199) Please pick one model each in these general price...
Thanks for the cautionary words. I think you are the second person who mentioned that the M50s are "narrow" or trying to squeeze the sound. I wonder how they'd compare to a set of studio headphones like the K702/701 whose signature I like. I'm currently also exploring the Ultrasone range of headphones.
I happened to come across this thread. I am also considering the M50s and the HFI-780s. I haven't heard either. How would you describe their respective SQ? BTW, how much are the HFI-780s? They are quite a bit more expensive than the M50s. I wonder if the price delta is justified.
Another question -- where are the HFI-780s made? I heard they are from Taiwan?
Thanks Ultraandy. Have a couple more questions for you: Are the silver earcups actually made of aluminum or are they plastic cups painted/coated with a metallic finish? How is the SQ? I heard that they are very bass-heavy? What does the S-logic surround sound technology do to the sound?
Thanks, Acix. I was counting on your to chime in because you appear to be quite an expert on Ultrasones -- I saw your posts on various threads. (The GM is an otherwise very good candidate but the looks put me off a bit, I'd have to confess.) I'll spend a bit more time researching the Ultrasones. For one, they are beautiful phones. I like the looks of the Pro 900 a lot.
No. They are not very popular here so I haven't found a dealer who is willing to let me test-drive it yet. That's why the opinions here really count! Thanks a lot.
Thanks brn80. I found the thread about Ultrasone -- 375 pages and counting... incredible. People here do care about their headphones, don't they? I'm willing to pay a bit more than the 100 USD. I mentioned that figure only because that's what the ATH-M50s cost. They are not my price limit.
It looks like the ATH-M50s cannot be beaten at its price point or at this moment in time. No wonder it's getting so popular here. (The new Shures won't be available for another couple of months.) I'll wait for a couple more days to see if there is any reply to my postes re the Ultrasone line-ups that I just put up. After that, it's the purchase time!
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