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I'm looking for a portable headphone to use with my iPod, cell phone, etc. mostly outdoors, on trains, subways, airplanes, etc. My requirements: Supra-aural Closed-back, for noise cancellation Decent sound quality, doesn't have to be perfect Relatively light and portable, collapseable Sturdy for outdoor or commuting use   My candidates: AKG K518DJ, or the K518LE version, appears to have great reviews but am concerned about the clamping...
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Manage iPod - Google Search Lots of third-party applications out there allowing you to manage the iPod without iTunes. Thanks. Any really good ones that people have recommended?
Hi all, I have really had it with iTunes. As many have said, it really is just a front to sell music. I am really sick and tired of this piece of software from "Applesoft" who is always trying to strategically dominate how I play, store and buy my music. I have a 160GB 6th Gen iPod Classic that I bought in October 2009. Because iTunes has been such a pain, I'm only using a small fraction of the storage space. Could anybody suggest a way to work around iTunes so that I...
It's just too bad that the storage capacity of the D2+ is a bit small. The 120GB offered by the iPod Classic is really tempting. But it's certainly worth looking into though given its popularity here. Thanks all!
I'm giving this old thread a bump. Have people figured out a way to put these format on the iPod Classic (6th gen) now?
Quote: Originally Posted by craiglester Still, thick cables do look nice, and may be a little less microphonic perhaps? Can somebody educate me on what is "microphonic?" What makes a cable "microphonic?" I saw this word used by the Product Manager from Shure describing the engineering of the new Shure headphones.
Wow, unanimous opinion thus far. I was expecting some people ruling for thicker cables... Well, that's good to know. No wonder AKG only uses 99.99% OFC on its top of the line phones.
Thanks for all your suggestions and help. I just bought the M50s. Will try to report my experience after burn-in. At the end, while the Ultrasones looked very impressive, the M50s are only 1/6 of the price compared to the PRO 900s. I cannot wait to see my new phones.
I would like to solicit your opinion regarding whether the thickness of copper headphone cables really matter to SQ. (I cannot afford a silver cable upgrade, nor can I afford the ultra-pure OCC types. I understand that for speakers wires, heavier wires matter up to a certain point.) Here is a picture of a cross-section of the cable on the current flagship model of a popular brand. The SQ of the phones are very good. One thing that I noticed is that while the overall...
alistaire, nice comments on design.
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