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Glad to see people using audio interfaces as DACs with good result. I'm thinking about buying the Roland Quad-Capture UA-55 myself. Thanks.
Hi Perplex1 and Danz03, I came across this thread when I was doing my research on the Roland Quad-Capture UA-55. It seems to me that a pro/semi-pro audio interface is such a good value when compared to audiophile oriented DACs.    I have a couple of questions: - have you experienced any problem playing back music using Foobar on your audio interfaces? - how was it driving the HD650? - can you think of any drawbacks using an audio interface vs a DAC?   Cheers.
  Thanks guys. Really appreciated your help. I just synced my iPod Classic 6G using Foobar2000. It worked like a charm. I really liked the fact that it converts FLAC and APE files into m4a files. Thanks so much!
I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of AKG K518DJs. Thanks for the great review. I wonder if there is anything else you suggest that I look at, below 100 dollars for sure.
Could you also give me a sense of how big the earpads are -- a rough dimension? They look kind of big in the pictures.
Great review. I look forward to trying them out.
Thanks a lot for the review. I'll go take a look when I have a minute.
Thanks. JVC HA-S650s look very pretty. Looking forward to your review. Especially if you could compare them to the PX200 IIs that I noticed that you no longer have.
Any updates guys? I've heard the K518DJ and ATH-SJ3 and SJ5 now. Both a bit unsatisfying in SQ. I wonder if there is anything better.
Thanks. That's a bit too expensive for me. I'd say $100 tops. 
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