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  It uses a single ESS9018 chip which incorporates 8 separate DACs which can be used in 8 channel, stereo or mono modes.   Yes I think it is confusing too.   I want to know how many DAC chips not how many channels.   Regards   Macrog  
My error regarding digital interface PSU sorry. Yes you are right 7v 400ma   Regards   Macrog
The digital Interface power supply is 5 volts and 6 x 1.5 batteries in series is 9 volts (significantly over spec).   Yes battery power would be interesting to explore though. I have considered LIPOs and will certainly try them on my Audiophellio 1's when they arrive.   Regards   Macrog
I don't believe that any of the current high end Audio-gd DAC's output stages are intentionally colored sounding. I actually appreciate their differences in sound signature.    Regards   Macrog
It is interesting to me that Audio-gd classify both the NFB-8 and NFB-7 as neutral DACs. To me the NFB-8 is in the musical catergory and the NFB-7 neutral.   The Reference 7.1 is more neutral than the Reference 7 or Reference 7HE was and is clearly more neutral than the NFB-8.   I am not attempting to quantify which DACs are better just differences in sound signature which I am hoping is OK? I have listened to all these DACs extensively on a variety of different...
My Twisted Pear stuff is going to have to wait a wee while. I have a new baby and no hope of finding the time to build a kit set at present.   Thank goodness she likes music :)   Regards   Macrog
I prefer the sound of the C2 on non balanced headphones to the NFB-10 and yes I have compared them directly using Sennheiser HD800s and AKG702 headphones.   Regards   Macrog
Coaxial or USB are definitely better options than Toslink.   If your system was particularly harsh in the first place Toslink's often soft presentation might work for you but it would bemuch better to just have a neutral system.   Regards   Macrog
  It sounds like the rolled off sound of the PS1 isn't exposing weakness elsewhere in the chain.  Have you replaced the capacitors on the reciever? They really need to be redone every 10 - 20 years.   It is easy to make a system sound worse by improving your source as problems elsewhere are likely to be more obvious.   Regards   Macrog      
The NFB-10wm is warmer sounding where as the NFB-10ES is more analytical. Different flavors of sound same quality.   Regards   Macrog
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