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I believe that a Phoenix or Master 5/6 would be overkill if you are running an Asus ST soundcard as source.   Regards   Macrog
Source is a Reference 7.1 and NFB8.1 running acss and balanced connections. As a comparison the Phoenix headphone amp appears to be about the same volume level on a volume setting of 30 as the Master 6 is on 25 (with the volume set to 99 steps on both). This is on both the balanced akg702s and balanced HD800s.   I am suprised so few people have fedback their opinions on sound quality. I cant because I am an Audio-gd reseller in New Zealand.   Hope this is...
The Master 6 is absolutely fine running my balanced AKG702s and balanced HD800s with  volume on up to 25 out of 99 and I note that on high impendance headphones the output is the same as the Master 5. I haven't had the opportunity to compare the Master 5 to the Master 6 yet though.   Regards   Macrog
In my opinion the change over the years has been exposure to what is available and what people are using from the internet. People have always spent lots on their hobbies but now we know about the products and see the photos of peoples gear on the internet. I have been into audio for the last 25 years and at the beginning before the internet I just wasn't aware of a lot of the really expensive gear. Shops tended to show you gear within your budget. Now with the internet...
The Fun is single wm8741 not wm8740   NFB5 looks the better bet.   Macrog
I am also fascinated then.   Why the C-10SE and not the Master 3 power amp?   Regards   Macrog
Hello   You cant use a master series pre or power amp with a non master series pre or power amp via acss connection.   You can however use any A-g acss dac with the Master series preamps via acss connection.   I have fed my Master 1 preamp from the acss outputs of a Reference 7.1, Reference 7HE, NFB-7 and NFB-8 without problems. You just need the right cables. The Master series preamps now have the new standard acss plugs on the inputs.   The acss outputs on the Master...
I have 2 pairs of HD800s (both balanced) that I use to demonstrate headphone amplifiers, DACs etc. I dont however resell Sennheiser and so I think I am reasonably impartial.   I tried a pair of LCD2's with the intention of buying but found them to be uncomfortable and lacking in treble detail with a bloated bass not unlike pushing the loudness button on a cheap car stereo.   The finish on the LCD2's is very DIY like and the fact that they have been revised so...
In stereo mode the ESS9018 parallels 4 dacs per channel for full differential balanced output with higer Signal to noise ratio and dynamic range.   Regards   Macrog
  It uses a single ESS9018 chip which incorporates 8 separate DACs which can be used in 8 channel, stereo or mono modes.   Yes I think it is confusing too.   I want to know how many DAC chips not how many channels.   Regards   Macrog  
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