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What a beautiful looking system. The Amplifier looks particularly nice.   Regards   Macrog
Why not convert to lossless compression instead of MP3 ?ALAC
I cant see a price on the Hex. It looks pretty interesting though.   How much is it?   Regards Macrog
I'm keen. I can bring a couple of pairs of balanced HD800s, balanced AKG702s, A couple of A-g Reference 7.1 DACs, A Reference 7HE DAC and a NFB7.1 DAC and Amps. My Stax SR009s should be here shortly.   Auckland would suit me well. I'm in the Waikato so not too long a drive.   Regards   Macrog
Try each amp on a few tracks you know really well and see which one you prefer, I see the minimum recommended amplifier wattage is 5 watts so just go with the one that sounds best would be my recommendation.   Regards   Macrog
In my opinion Audio-gd gear sounds much better with space between components on separate shelves. I try to position gear so that transformers are as far away from each other as possible. Regards Andrew
I am looking for an interim amplifier to run my Stax SR-009s that I just ordered.   I haven't decided what to go for in the longer term. I am thinking about a BHSE or Cavalli Liquid Lightening but either would involve a bit of a wait.   I would consider a Stax 717 / 727 or anything else suitable to run the Stax Sr009s. A Stax T2 or clone would be great but unlikely in my price range.   I will consider from anywhere as long as correct 230 - 240...
62,586 lossless tracks. No MP3s.   I generally play on random and constantly suprise myself with stuff I forgot I had.   Regards   Macrog
I think most of us rip CDs to PC mainly for convenience. I have about 27 thousand tracks ripped losslessly to my NAS and just finding the CDs has always been a problem. I find I listen to far more of my music from computer than CD. I often hear tracks I forgot I even had with computer set to shuffle tracks. When I listened to CD I tended to play a much smaller range of music.   Some of the usb to coaxial digital converters outperform even the CD7 as a source now. I...
Master 5 sounds subtly better on easy to drive headphones.   Regards   Macrog      
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