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Thank you for all your hard work.   I found it a really interesting read and it exceeded my expectations.   They seem to be very humble considering the wonderful products they produce.   I look forward to their new higher end products with some trepidation. I love the best but struggle to afford it :)   Thank you again   Regards   Macrog
I just installed JPlay on another PC running Windows 7 Pro 32bit and it doesnt work in Extreme mode on that either (Also with a Master 7)   I do prefer rhe JPlay plugin to JRiver alone. I admit I might be imagining it after payinh for JPlay. I will ask some friends opinions.   Regards   Macrog
JPlay Extreme mode will not work for me on any settings   I tried all buffer settings   I think the Kernel Streaming driver for USB32 doesnt work on Windows 8   Regards   Macrog
I prefer the usb32 to the audiophilleo.   I haven't tried too hard to get Extreme working. I will have a play today and let you know how I get on.   I just tried the lowest buffer settings 2 and River and Beach still works fine.   Regards   Macrog
Extreme doesn't work but direct link does under River or Beach settings.   Direct link has the lowest latency so why would you want to set the buffers? I get zero drop outs.   Yes it did work on USB3 sockets but I just tried it then moved back to USB2.   I am happy to help if you have any further questions.   Regards   Macrog
I am using the USB32 input of my Master 7 in my lounge with Audirvana+, Pure Music, Fidelia and Amarra(full version) on a Mac Mini running OSX without issues. All the software is the full registered versions.   It definately works Plug and Play on the Mac. Amarra seems the hardest software to get to run properly but it isnt usb32 related.   I also run a Master 7 USB32 under windows 7 Pro 32bit on a relatively low powered Q9650 cpu with 4GB of RAM in my kitchen...
works great with Mac Mini and Macbook Pro   regards   Macrog
Santa wouldn't have to buy it. He would just get the elves to make it :)
There are other differences.   The Master 7 isnt just a Ref 7.1 + usb32.   Macrog
Somestranger26 have you listened to the USB32? I think it is great. What makes you think the Xmos is better than the usb32? My Master 7 sounds better via the USB32 input than my Audiophilleo 1 with external PSU or my M2Tech EVO with external clock and battery PSU. I am hoping there will be a Master series Digital Interface based on the usb32 with I2S and AES/EBU outputs Regards Macrog
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