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Yep I use a master 7, master 5 and Hd800s and they are a lovely combination. In another system I have master 7, master 8 and Hifiman he6's In the lounge I'm running Master 7, master 1, master2's I used to be an Audio-gd dealer and still love their gear Regards macrog
I have had both an Ref7, ref7.1, NFB9, NFB7 and NFB7.1 prior to the Master 7. I preferred the NFB7.1 to the Reference 7 as it was more detailed and less bloated in the bass than the Reference 7.   The Ref7.1 had much better organic texture to its sound compared to the both the Ref7 and NFB7.1 but still couldn't match the NFB7.1 for detail   The Master 7 improves over the Reference 7.1 and NFB7.1 in all areas. It is more detailed than the Ref7.1 and is less...
I have tried Audiophilleo 1 + external PSU, (M2Tech EVO, external clock + external battery PSU), Digital interface 2 + PSU against the internal usb32 of the Master 7.   To me only the EVO+clock+battery PSU sound better than the usb32 and even that difference is very subtle.   Has anyone tried the I2S output from the DI V3 into the Master7 and compared that to the inbuilt USB32?   Regards   Macrog
Does anyone stiill require V5 DSP1 upgrades? I have a couple of spares free to good homes.   You just pay shipping from New Zealand.   Regards   Macrog
The Master 1 is superb and works really well with the Master 7.  I run ACSS from source to power amps. It gives a slightly more detailed and natural sound with great 3d imaging.  I upgraded from the C3HE (C8) to the Master 1 and it was a very worthwhile upgrade.   Older Audio-gd preamps in my opinion sounded compromised on anything other than acss inputs. The Master 7 sounds pretty near as good on all inputs.   I also have 2 Master 8s in headphone systems and the...
Yeah I have a Master 1 with Master 2 power amps. What do you want to know?
Yes impressions the same irrespective of transport.   Regards   Macrog
sources are   A-g CD7FV Audiophilleo 1 M2Tech EVO with external clock and battery PSU   regards   Macrog
The Master 7 is more neutral and less bloated in the bass than the Reference 7.1.  I would describe the Master 7 as greater than the best bits of the Reference 7.1 and NFB7.1 combined.   The Master 7 took a couple of months to reach its eventual sound signature but is worth the wait.  It was initially a bit overly critical of recording and other component quality.   I was an Audio-gd dealer but no longer am ( no reflection on the quality of their gear). I have...
How about the "Maturition"   Micturition is the medical term for "Weeing" and you have certainly matured the Wee design.   In Awe as always   Macrog
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