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It is a relatively easy upgrade but the improvement in sound quality is substantial. I believe it is at least as big an upgrade as from the reference 7 to reference 7.1. A wonderful DAC Regards Macrog
Don't work yourself too hard. I really dont mind how long the wait is for mine.I am hoping for mine before christmas as it has already missed my birthday :)   Its all good. I am sure it will be worth the wait.   Macrog
The in built usb32 is quite listenable on the master 7 by which I mean I don't feel I'm losing much using the inbuilt usb32 input in comparison To the M2tech Evo (with external clock and battery PSU) or the Audiophilleo 1 I also own. In fact on Audirivana + in integer mode I think the usb32 input on the master7 is absolutely stunningly good. Macrog
The Usb32 on the Master 7 is very good and certainly listenable. I prefer it to Audiophilleo 1s. Regards Macrog
$1700 bump
Stax SR007 Mk1 Omega 2 Electrostatic Earspeakers in Very good condition.   I have decided to keep just one pair of Headphones and its the SR009s.   Message if interested and I will send photos.   $US1800   Regards   Macrog
I am going very much the same way as Arnaud with BHSE on order to power my SR009s and SR007 Mk1s on my main system, but retaining HD800s / HE6s powered by A-g Master 8 for dynamic system. Some how the choice of headphones on both systems seem to give complimentary flavours. It has all been a long journey and sadly my only listen to the SR009s so far has been on a SRM007t1 and sounded as woolly as he'll does nothing to minimise my optimism for the completed system. If I...
I use a Mac Mini i7 and Macbook Pro i7 and a couple of PCs using Win7Pro and Win8Pro.   I used to think the Mac had better sound by USB but I dont now. JRiver + Jplay sounds as good as Mac.   The decent music plaing software on Mac all sound different though. Amarra is probably best but the interface is truly awful.    Regards   Macrog
The Master 8 sounds better balanced than single ended, I think single ended may have been a bit of an after thought.   I run Moon Audio Silver Dragons.   Macrog
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