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  Me too. I also love it !   Macrog
Some software packages will output PCM digital for a DSD signal e.g. Pure music on Mac Macrog
Is your BHSE already on order. Mine is on order in this batch. Yes I use a computer as one of my sources via usb.   I cant see why there would be any problem though.   Macrog
exactly why would anyone put another component between themselves and the music.   My master 7 feeds a pair of HD800 balanced via Master 8 by acss and will feed the BHSE when it arrives via xlr.   Macrog
Mine will be used with an A-g Master 7 too.   Regards   Macrog
I totally agree the NFB-7.1 responded really well to upgraded cables and USB to spdif converters. The ref7.1 sounded good with any source. It was brutally revealing and I loved it but the master 7 is even better. I kept my NFB-7.1 when I had 3 ref7.1s but I no longer had any use for it with the master 7s. There was nothing that the NFB-7.1 did that the master 7 doesn't do better. Regards Macrog
Just a wish no inside information Regards Macrog
Yes I do very much like the Master 7. No its not cold and sterile now. I have 2 Master 7's and I am intending on using one of them with my BHSE when it arrives.   I have no desire to buy another DAC at present. The only other DAC that slightly interests me at present is the Calyx Femto.   I honestly cant imagine how Kingwa is going to improve on the Master 7? separate chassis per channel and external PSU and digital input box like the Wadia 9.   Regards   Macrog
I think the Reference 7.1 is a great DAC but it is on the warm side of neutral. The bass on the Reference 7.1 is a little exaggerated and doesn't appear to me to have as much detail and control as the NFB-7.1 or the Master 7. I preferred the NFB-7.1 to the Reference 7.1 and Reference 7HE all of which I owned at the same time. The Master 7 to me combined and improved upon the detail and neutrality of the NFB-7.1 and the emotional communication of the Reference 7.1 and...
The Master 7 is very revealing and if there is aweakness elsewhere in your system the Master 7 wont hide it. This is particularly true before being fully run in.   The Reference 7.1 has wooly bloated bass compared to the Master 7.  The Master 7 is also significantly more detailed.   Macrog
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