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I finally gave up on waiting for the BHSE and now am the happy owner of a Cavalli Liquid Lightening 2.   Even if the BHSE is better it is great actually being able to listen to music through my SR009s. So far I'm loving the combination.   I have no regrets.   regards Macrog
The only thing I didn't love about the nfb7.32 was the pitch on female vocals just seemed a little off I didn't notice any other problems though Regards Macrog
A great idea buying 2nd hand. I have to admit I am getting pissed off waiting for mine now. The fact that I ordered it in 2012 and I am unlikely to get it until well into 2014 sucks. I certainly wouldn't have ordered or paid in full for mine if I had known how long it was going to take or how poor the communication would be.   I have pretty much given up hope now. There is no longer any excitement about it. I'm just resigned to it turning up eventually probably when the...
yes definitely less heat in preamp mode   Macrog
I have always found with Audio-gd gear that a decent gap between components improves the sound.   I have always left my master 5, 6 & 8 turned on all the time but switched to preamp mode. I switch to headphone mode when I am going to start listening.   regards   Macrog
I cant comment on the Master 9 as I don't have mine yet, but acss interconnect from Master 7 DAC sounds more transparent on the Master 5, 6 & 8.   I preferred the acss connection even compared to Analysis Plus Gold Oval Balanced interconnect cables that I absolutely love on everything else which cost about 200 times more than the a-g cables.   The best comparison I can make between Balanced and Acss interconnects is that acss sound alot like the difference of running...
I think the problem evaluating high end gear on electronic music is that its hard to know what it should should like. Acoustic instruments are for me an easier reference point. For normal listening I love electronics. Particularly Massive Attack, Fluke, Underworld, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Nero etc. Macrog
009 I have had them for about 8 months and have had nothing to try them on ? Thank goodness for the hd800s My first track to listen too on the BHSE will be Alan Parsons Project - old & wise 24/192 Regards Macrog
I have gone for Blue. I'm not at all sure how it will look in real life though.   Macrog
 Yes. The Master 7 is much better. I found the NFB8 overly warm and bloated. The master 7 is lovely. The nfb9 was a big step up on the nfb8. The nfb8 was the only full sized dac that a-g have made that I really disliked. regards Macrog
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