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  Thanks you saved me some cash :) regards Macrog
I suppose its a bit like the 3 Bears porridge.   The Phoenix was warm but lack a bit of detail, The Master 5, 6 & 8 were very detailed but could sound a little clinical to some, the master 9 is "just right" more detailed than even the master 5, 6 & 8 but more organic sounding.   Comparing them to Audio-gd DACs I would say the Phoenix was like the reference 1/ 7, the Master 5, 6 & 8 like the NFB7 and the Master 9 more like the Master 7.   regards   Macrog
The Phoenix is still a great headphone amp in my opinion and even as a preamp was better than the Linn I had prior to getting it. The Phoenix is much more neutral I.e. Less warm through acss inputs however. One of the biggest improvements with the master series pre and headphone amps was improving the quality of the xlr and RCA inputs. I didnt really notice an difference between the master 5, 6 & 8 except with the hifiman he6's which preferred the higher power of the 6...
My observations of usb32 versus Audiophilleo 1 are using OSX mavericks not Windows   regards   Macrog
Yes to say that any external usb converter would be better than the internal usb32 implementation is absolute rubbish.   The M2Tech Evo without external clock and battery PSU definitely isnt better. I'm not even convinced that my Audiophilleo 1 is.   I believe that the PC usb32 driver is a lot of the problem as usb32 sounds much better on OSX Mavericks integer mode driver.   Personally I would love Kingwa to make a higher end version of the Master 7 perhaps 3 box...
I think the USB32 input on the Master 7 is very good, in fact I would rate it as great under integer mode on OSX.   Windows drivers don't sound as good as OSX integer drivers to me though.   I2S input on the Master 7 is a step above any other inputs though as far as neutrality and detail. This is using A-g Reference 5 digital converter with usb32, TCXO and I2S upgrades.   BNC input is better than the RCA digital input on the Master 7 and I plug my A-g CD7FV into the...
My Master 9 has finally arrived and I am pleased to say the upgrade from the Master 8 was very worthwhile. The improvement in detail is immediately apparent.  The A-g CD7FV, Master 7, Master 9, Sennheiser HD800 combo is absolutely gorgeous.   Now if only M2Tech would only come up with a OSX Mavericks Evo driver so I could ditch the Master 7s inbuilt USB32 I would be fully happy. In my opinion though it does take the full M2Tech Evo stack to surpass the inbuilt...
Well done songmic   Sounds like great luck   I believe in Karma so you must be doing something very right   regards   Macrog
I finally gave up on waiting for the BHSE and now am the happy owner of a Cavalli Liquid Lightening 2.   Even if the BHSE is better it is great actually being able to listen to music through my SR009s. So far I'm loving the combination.   I have no regrets.   regards Macrog
The only thing I didn't love about the nfb7.32 was the pitch on female vocals just seemed a little off I didn't notice any other problems though Regards Macrog
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