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If anyone's interested ESC210C30017 versus original TWFK30017 (IEC-60318-4 into 16mmx2mmID no damping) I think it's pretty close, at least on the graph. I have no idea how it sounds or how the tweeter will behave if there's cap wired to it.
It will be detachable only
Thanks!Harmony 8.2 officially in July
4 years have passed since Custom Art foundation so I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their constant support for my company!   We have so much more exciting stuff coming in the following months so stay tuned!
Haven't heard them or measured them so I can't really say anything. Sorry.
While the driver selection is pretty decent in my opinion. Your crossover point's are impossible to achieve without high quality measuring equipement and even with such would probably create some phase issues with TWFK-SWFKIf you have access to IEC-60318-4 or some chinese knock-off - go for it, if not , try something way more simple - say remove all the dual set ups - so a single CI+ED+FK+WBFK, much easier to deal with.
anytime, Your conclusion is correct. re Edit, this not entirely true WBFK is 40 Ohm at 10kHz and 70 Ohm at 20 is it low? not really if you ask me. Though it's not very high either.
Because they all have relatively high imepdance at frequency they are used for.
don't know
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