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I know, but I decided to not post its frequency response until I read few reviews, I would like to read "unbiased" opinions, and if I post fr graph everyone will try to match their opinion to the graph - or at least I'm afraid of such tendency. I would like to avoid it.
Well I do have Merlins but MOT rules forbid me to compare my IEMs with different gear so you'd have to go via email with this question   Also description of each model has been posted like 10 pages ago and also you can find full description on the website.
Billion dollar idea allert! :D
already changed - you can update your post as well ;) to avoid any confusion :D
I was just kidding you know ;) Nonetheless it's always good to be careful about such strong statements even when joking.
Ownership transfer (also for Harmony) is 300PLN/€75/~$100Dude... It's US-based forum, NSA is watching
Thanks. No, actually it will have "normal" amount of bass. I guess in this IEM it's all about quality not quantity.
This is how it works now.
Yes this is much more possible with new Harmony.
Not exactly. Basically Harmony is Quad-woofer design. All four cover the same range of frequency (electrically) but two woofers are different then the other two providing more mid-bass oriented sound while the other one is tuned for 0-100Hz bass. Each set of duals has separate tubing. What's the benefit? Better texture of sound, better control of the bass and better details. This is how it works now anyway so nothing changes in this regard - impressions first.
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