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Make larger bores for those silicone tips - 5mm otherwise you'll get muffled sound
Oh! Glad to hear! He's into electro isn't he?
If you ask me this description fits well Ei.3 bass emphasis, intimate close mids, and smoothed out highs.Oh and we don't do acrylic versions of our silicone monitors
This actually made me laugh! Congrats!
4400 is smaller than WBFK.You won't be able to change GD wiring. There's PCB-like path created on the driver so even if you remove solder it's still connected - I've tried that. Plus I think GD drivers are connected in parallel by default.
No. GR is similar to E90D and E50D is similar to GD
I would say 100pcs per order ARE "hard to obtain" parts. All you have to do is contact administrator and get approval and if don't get it, well... at least you tried.
why? unless you want to wire them in series, 30050 has 9,5 Ohm DC 46Ohm @1kHz wired in series will get closer to 22955 which has 20Ohm DC and 68 Ohm @1kHz. Yet still you may want to put resistor on CI-22955. Wiring in series is very "power hungry" for DAPs.
That sucks. I have 25pcs MOQ in Europe.  CI-30050 has too low impedance. Use 22955 or 22960.
Depends on driver, some are basically the same but Sonion has very distinguishable sound indeed.
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