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The extension is the same as 8Pro - it's virtually the same driver as in 8Pros and there's no acoustical damping that would prevent driver to achieve the same range in high frequencies.Treble has less quantity compared to 8Pro (because they were too bright for some) but there's definitely more quantity compared to regular 8 (because they were too dark for some). So it's a middle ground between both styles. It's neither bright nor dark.While high treble energy definitely...
that's correct. I meant that we are not going to do the drops of regular line-up again, but Ei.xx only.For the Ei.xx the drop should start 3rd of September
That's for regular line up. We may be restarting Ei.xx drop sometime soon.
That seem to be about right but you want your C1 to be connected directly to + not to the pad of 3800.And you need negative wire as well ;)
No. FIBAE will be introduced to the lower-end models first.
Guys... what the ... Not only it's an off topic but also starting to get too personal. Please stop.
Sounds like there was a problem, possibly with a cable? Did you talk with guys at Music Sanctuary?
Nice! I'm glad you like them. The design is really unique. Wow, thanks for showing the measurements. Well it sort of reaffirms what I observed when measuring frequecy responses with high and low impedance sources differences were pretty minimal.
Interesting! It's like a DD+BA hybrid unit in one housing!   BTW. I only wanted to metion that rep for Bellsing (Estron?) contacted me after noticing my post here re their TWFK-like driver - I must say I'm impressed! To think that BA manufacturer is watching over this thread? I think it really proves how important this thread is :)
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