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yeah... I sometimes do that. Thanks for the impressions @proedrosGive the fit time, some people needs few days to "streach" their ears :P
I received notification about delivery I was about to ask you how are they. Guess, will have to wait ;)
Oh I heard those at CanJam. You can shot me an email if you want my honest opinion
That was for show ;) what fun would it be if we voiced the same opinions.
Of course you are right about the competition too, but I do check other companies just for having fun with sound. Well given I was at CanJam Singapore you can trust me when I say I heard a lot of IEMs I listened to Demos, I listened to custom versions as well from a few people with ears similar to mine so I had nearly perfect fit. I heard all of what's being considered TOTL here around head-fi :)My 1st place (tied) are Aether (based on well fited demo) - as a perfect...
Thank you for your kind words.Well I was an audiophile (still am?) and reviewer before starting my business, so I still do like to listen to what's new on the market for the sake of listening, just as everyone else here.Plus we are on friendly terms with Lime Ears, so I always support their products. Aether is extremely fine sounding monitor and it still sits at the top of my personal ranking.
We no longer use UPS though haha. But yeah couriers' logistics are something else. I'm happy as long as they work for them. As for delivery times Priority for Europe typically is next deay delivery, except for Scandinavia which apparently goes 3days...
well i hate to be that guy http://www.head-fi.org/t/716065/the-custom-arts-flagship-harmony-8-and-8pro-ciem-discussion-thread/435#post_12287249
You meant how others hold up to Aether   
I can't say right now as the final tuning is not 100% done so there's still room for change as to how the IEM will act with each sound source.
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