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I wouldn't expect any problems this year as technically UK is still in EU. As mentioned before you may get better pricing on some stuff (if you come from outside UK) though I always remembered London as quite expensive place to begin with, so difference may be barely noticable.
Really I did say that? hahaha I can't remember it.Buffing of lacquer can result in breaks only if you buff for too long - heated wheel will create cracks in lacquer surface. Other than that for DIY purposes correctly applied lacquer is as good as polish, and it seem to be much easier solution for beginners.
Well it seems like you are enjoying 8Pro so maybe you shouldn't do the upgrade. 8.2 is different from 8Pro, that's for sure. Plus an upgarde can be done at any time and any point, if you want to hold off with your decision that's totally fine. You can check out some demos first and then make up your mind.
Yay! Hope everything is great with IEM now. We gave your IEMs our new super glossy surface finish - complimentary of CA ;)
Thanks!Sensitivity at 1kHz is 118dB
Previous Harmony required correctly paired source - thats true but the new 8.2 not only is very easier to drive it's no longer highly dependant on output impedance of the source, differences in fr plot between high/low output impedance is within 0,5-1dB while H8P was something like 5dB+ Thank you @twister6 for your early impressions.  
read the instruction, lack 3 is fully cured under 1 min. Yellowing can occur to many reasons, but it seems that if your lacquer is new you are overexposing
Notes & Request or alternatively State of the Art fields ->write what you want, post a link if you want something that's already been done ->choose anything for the rest to pass the script->submit. ;)
yup, always go up in %
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