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hey, yes! FIBAE 2 will have more bass than both music two and Ei.3. Sound of FIBAE2 is more engaging, thicker and bolder than those two. I think if you're looking for IEM with more bass than Ei.3 but with with resolution of music two, then the new model would be for you
technically, yes. Obviously the size of the hole would affect the response but you'd have to observe how. There will be noticeable notch at the resonance frequency for smaller sized bores
notice different shape of bass decay. It's enough to change sound quite a bit.There are still other means to measure difference, the change in sound signature is big as well, at least for me.
But... There is a difference between those csd
well i wasn't talking specifically about frequency response. All i can say that there's a way to determine the difference between open and closed shells
There is a measurable difference for open and closed faceplate either in vented and non-vented drivers. Open back IEM sounds different than closed shell
Thank you for your review @cellarbro I sort of think that the last two or three reviews were done with wrong tips and i did suggest changing tips. After spending some time at music sanctuary store i found that 8.2 demo should be paired with dual or preferably even triple flange t400 tips. They are the only one that sound close to custom experience
go ahead, it's not a secret, i guess, but I have to stress, it's only estimate
you won't be able to measure caps as long as they are connected to driver
Much much appreciate your feedback. It's amazing how positive FIBAE has been received by the head-fi community. I'm thankful and incredibly happy
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