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Interesting! It's like a DD+BA hybrid unit in one housing!   BTW. I only wanted to metion that rep for Bellsing (Estron?) contacted me after noticing my post here re their TWFK-like driver - I must say I'm impressed! To think that BA manufacturer is watching over this thread? I think it really proves how important this thread is :)
different 2-pin plugs though!
That's correct. You mean listening to them? no.
Drivers are made by comapny named Estron (different Estron) I posted measurments of both TWFK and those replicas some pages back. RE TWFK31749 - there's a wire connecting both negative pads together under the cap.No, if you connect positive wire to woofer you'll get a high pass on tweeter, if you connect another cap before woofer you'll get 2nd order crossover on tweeter.
German tour will only tour Germany and Danish tour will eventually tour Europe. Send me a PM or email will discuss details.
German tour just started, Danish is on going (but awaiting 8.2 and Ei.xx). US is awaiting 8.2 and Ei.xxHarmony 8Pro won't be futured in tours anymore.
I remember the drama ;) [Edit3]Apparently discussing bans got other threads locked, we don't need that, hence edit. Quick google search will answer your questions
Well I think since they've been banned here on head-fi I don't think you can post links to their webiste. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Well they didn't change that much but I hope you'll like this design better ;)
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