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Hey, I'm glad you are now happy with them. I have to say they turned super class with the carbon, it was good call!
No, We ship directly to customers, and EU customers receive next day shipping in the price.Ship us impressions, if they are too small you will get a refund and we will ship back your impressions or store it for future order.
I don't know man... this seem like a Noble Audio thing too much.
Hahah, sorry I don't eat carbs ;)
Today is the day, don't worry.
Thanks for the review!
Cool I'll look for them then and make a note.PS: Of course I meant they are not "foam-filled" not shot filled. LOL
I think I have spare new set (non-foam filled) of those added to Brainwavez IEMs, sometime ago, they are pretty much identical to Sony Tips, I can send it to you with your new order, would you like them?
You know guys... I should do this more often it's fun to see what you'd like to see coming from us :)
Hey, thanks for your impressions! Both cables should be identical in terms of build quality.
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