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Gloss is standard finish and it's more "clear" or see-through lacquer gives very even surface. Matte lacquer is a bit "milky" and less clear and gives very velvet (in touch) but slightly uneven surface. Here's Purple transparent gloss:And purple transparent matte: I hope it helps
Thank you for your impressions on the sound.I dismissed sansa zip as source for h8p fairly quickly, it simply lacked power. I'll check it again soon.It's also funny to see how opinion differs depending on to what person is accustomed - em 32 is bass-oriented so you find Harmony to be mid-centric, while tupac, who is used to se5w and nt6pro (both offering quite fair amount of mids and upper mids) considers h8p to be mid-recessed.Looking forward to more opinions
Thank you and guys! I really appreciate your good words :) @Rollk2 let us know what you think about you H8P :)
Thanks for your review I really appreciate it. Please note that cable on the picture is attached in wrong manner. You got the phase of left IEM reversed. Dots should be closer to top of the monitor that said left cable should have dot on the inside As for not even surface, yes, it's quite hard to attach silicone with acrylic plate
I can't say much because I could probably infringe on my MOT status.I tested Linum almost one year before it entered market and had my reasons to stick with standard 2pin standard. As said before you can still use the 2-pin Linum, I can even get you one if you wish but this is not our standard for monitor accessories.
I'm not sure, consider BA are developed for Hearing Aids where there's sweating, ear wax and other factors like weather conditions.
it is silicone, isn't it? try poking damper with needle ;)it won't help unfortunately if there's damper in tubing.
:(That's so sad :( gonna miss him
Westone UM3x/UM30Pro I guess.
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