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Been already discussed previously. Yes, for +$10No we don't do that. We can only put warranty on parts we tested and accepted in manufacturing process. We use 14x0.05 SPC litz by default.
Graphs for you all ;) measured with IEC711 (IEC 60318-4) coupler and 0.1 Ohm output impedance.  
Glad to see it helped. I was never good at describing PRaT, maybe Danny could chime in on this one. Note decay is a bit DD-like so it's slightly pro-longed it's definitely not your typical armature hit-and-run
Haha!Silicone IEMs - Box, Peli, blue pouch;Acrylic IEMs - Peli.
I somehow omit this question. Sorry. Firstly thanks for kind words! I really hope you guys will like them! While Ei.xx works wonders in EDM I had incredible fun listening to some metal and hardcore. Drum kicks, low-tuned guitars makes you want to hammer some drywall :) for jazz it creates more "smoky-club-like" atmosphere I would say. Vocals in general should be more upfront and foward then on Ei.3.
ain't possible with his ears either.
I heard HD700 only for a second so I cannot really compare. It's also very hard for me compare cIEMs to headphones. But I would certainly say mids are quite "meaty" :)
More or less, yes, you could say so.
Personally I wouldn't call it side grade either. Harmony 8 would still be better in my book, simply because there much more details and soundstage is more outside of your head while general signature is fairly similar (to 8non-pro).
I just answered this in the Ei.xx thread :)
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