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Thanks I appreciate it... I try my best :D
most probably yes, because demo will not depend on your ear canal size, as long as your ears fit typical t400 you'll be good to go.
Yeah I was looking at this blue shell and was like "this shell needs some life" I'm so glad you like it
Thank you! BTW. this time we actually engraved wood instead of silicone that covers it so the logo is a bit more stealth but more "natural" looking. All in all this was really fun to make.
Not to be rude or anything but check MOT rules...
Ety and grado user... I think you should strongly consider hidition nt6 or nt6 pro
Ice wood is my personal favorite :)
We are pricing it at the same rate as Artwork - 50PLN or €12,5 per ear. [Edit] updated the post on fb with pricing
You have learned well my young padawan :D RE PS: Drop by on Sunday for meet in Audiomagic ;)
You are correct Kris :)
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