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It may vary from unit to unit. I personally used 8.2 universal with SpinFits only for few weeks with no problems.
So sorry to hear that :( get well mate!
I'd say so, although the proper launch will most probably take place in January. December is always crazy time for us due to ChristmasYes, that's correct, the IEM is no longer dependant on the output impedance - you always get the same sound signature - no more bass roll-offs (!)I think there's no right or wrong with output impedance. Low output impedance will be more "pure" design because that means no caps at the output, however I find high output impedance sources (such...
 Thanks!And since we speak of FIBAE the very first batch of customized drivers for FIBAE has been ordered
I don't know honestly... They sound good for sure and they have some cool qualities (soundstage!) but things like iSine10 were more inspiring for me TBH.
Well, the new flagship was just released 3 months ago lol I heard Utopias ;)
Yeah it's actually surprising that they don't fit. We have had those shells on 4 audio shows now and everyone was super positive about the fit.   @knopi Anyways try and experiment with angle and depth of how the IEM is fitted in your ear. Personally in certain position the demo causes me pain after 30min but I just have to twist it a bit more counter clock-wise and I can listen to it for hours without any ear faitigue and it fits perfectly.
Maybe that's the problem?
Thnaks for the small review! I'm happy you're enjoying them!
I think you may have a leak on the driver side - check if the tubing is fully glued on to the driver. You can seal the tubing by adding some UV material around it and the drivers.
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