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CalyxM, 120II should be good as well. On budget side DX90 and Shozy Alien.
Not really good, Harmony 8 on the other is reportedly very very good match
We shipped Ei.3 demo It will arrive on Monday Good, we can discuss details via pm
Will try I will let you know
and a doppelganger that will do half of my work :D kidding. I talked to @Barra about it and I will be sending Ei.3 to US tour and @peareye if you gather enough people (5-10?) we can do Canadian Ei.3 tour as well in some time.
That means we would have to overnight them today, which is physically impossible now.
We got a bit of back log and we are focusing around normal orders first. But I really hope we can send demo to London by the end of this week.
mid-bass? That's why it's good to use resistor, even small one like 10ohm to increase speed of CI a bit
Connect CI by center tap or use resistor in series before capacitor on ED.
Pretty good, but 0.22uF that's like 10kHz cut-off.
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