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The Burns doc. is a good history of jazz. It did not and could not cover everything. Back to recommendations. I have been listening to Sonny Rollins Road Shows Vol 3. Better recording than Vol. 1, but not quite as good as performance. Better than Vol 2 on both counts.
Will do. I suppose I will post several times. I hope you check out the band I mentioned. I would be interested in what you think. Other than one album where they covered Cab Calloway, it's mostly original.
I have not read the entire thread, so.if I am repeating someone my apologies. It seems like there is a concentration on jazz after the big split in the late 40's. This is when jazz started becoming listening music rather than dancing music. So I am going to go a different way. I would recommend that people who are new to jazz check out swing which is sometimes called big band music in error. While it is true that swing is almost always performed by big bands, it does...
I'm not a fan of glen miller at all. Bennie goodman is more hit or miss. Sing, sing, sign is one of my favorites. Some time ago, I bought a new cd. Can't remember where I read about the band. The name of the band is Big Bad VooDoo Daddy. I think I was expecting some sort of New Orleans blues, but it turned out to be a current swing band out of California. I have bought several more and they make me smile every time. Swing is not dead yet
Curtis fuller. Start with blues-ette
I understand your point, and will refrain in the future,  But to be honest, I did not introduce the topic.  Only responding
I have to admit the somewhat off topic political issue amuses me.  Boomer's are not WWII.  WWII is our parents, and yes they are probably anti pot.  However they are not that large of a voting block any more.  As for boomer's, we grew up in the 60's and 70's.  Our generation is not likely all that anti legalization.  In fact the legalization movement started with our generation.   Just keeping in perspective for you young un's    
amazon reviews are written by the general public who have less experience than the norm on this board.  On the other hand most reviews on this board tend to be bandwagon style.  I usually look at both sources when making a decision. 
yes the law of diminishing returns applies to headphones.  In addition many of us are limited by our hearing abilities as well.  there comes a point where many of us say that this is good enough.    where the point of "is it worth it" varies greatly from on user to another.  
sorry just got to say it.  there is a reason many of these are long forgotten
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