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the magni has a gain switch. Are you sure you don't have the gain set to low. Volume is not a problem with the magni and my k701 which is fairly hard to drive
To judge a band you have to look at several factors. Did they change the direction of music. Were they leaders or followers. You can argue that the Beatles changed the direction of music 3 times in their run. Changing the direction cannot be dismissed as being in the right place at the right time The Beatles also had a major effect on society as a whole. Fashions changed, the concept of 3 guitars and drums as a band was novel. They wrote their own music. Their songs...
I cannot pull up a search on my iPad. Have not tried my computer.
I'm with Stacker as well, but a different angle. It is true that instruments can measure the physics of sound signature better than our ears. The issue however is that you are measuring the wrong thing. The issue should be do you like the sound signature. Physics has no answer for this question. One is a fact that you can see, the other is an opinion you must hear Thus I will measure with my ears rather than my eyes
This often happens when your amp does not have enough power to handle the short surges caused by the change in dynamics in your music. While I have never experienced clipping with the e 11, it's very unlikely I play my music as loud
I agree with your discription of the characteristics of a good headphone for jazz. My preference At home with a cd as my source 1. K701 with a hybrid amp. 2 Senn 600 with solid state. Semi portable. ie. Full sized used at library, coffee shop etc. 1 akg 550. 2 hd 25 (forget the full model number. ) My source is an iPod classic using a line out and portable amp.
Agree with. Magni. . In my opinion this amp with the 600 is at the good enough level and although I have used more expensive amps, there were no significant improvements that I could hear. I will not not upgrade
Most headphones do everything ok, but something's excellent. My first recommendation to you would be to think about what you listen the most. And match to that type of music. I listen to pretty much the same as you, but jazz, blues, and classic rock occupy most of my time. My k701 are my favorite for jazz, and my 30 year old 240 monitors are my favorite for blues and classic rock. If I needed one for every thing I would go with my sennheiser 600, or my Grado R 1( no i,...
I personally don't believe these are good for jazz. To my ears they are a change of pace headphone which can perhaps be fun for a short time, but the bass is overwhelming for jazz
I don'n know if the internal amp in the iPhone 6 is any good, but I find the internal amp in my iPod to be weak. I find a significant difference between using the line out by fiio, vs. a 3.5 to 3.5 connection from the headphone out. Since my wife is insisting on upgrading our phones, has anyone tried using Apple's adaptor converting the lighting connector to the older style. The main issue with double amp is that if the first amp in the chain is muddy, or has some other...
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