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Agree with. Magni. . In my opinion this amp with the 600 is at the good enough level and although I have used more expensive amps, there were no significant improvements that I could hear. I will not not upgrade
Most headphones do everything ok, but something's excellent. My first recommendation to you would be to think about what you listen the most. And match to that type of music. I listen to pretty much the same as you, but jazz, blues, and classic rock occupy most of my time. My k701 are my favorite for jazz, and my 30 year old 240 monitors are my favorite for blues and classic rock. If I needed one for every thing I would go with my sennheiser 600, or my Grado R 1( no i,...
I personally don't believe these are good for jazz. To my ears they are a change of pace headphone which can perhaps be fun for a short time, but the bass is overwhelming for jazz
I don'n know if the internal amp in the iPhone 6 is any good, but I find the internal amp in my iPod to be weak. I find a significant difference between using the line out by fiio, vs. a 3.5 to 3.5 connection from the headphone out. Since my wife is insisting on upgrading our phones, has anyone tried using Apple's adaptor converting the lighting connector to the older style. The main issue with double amp is that if the first amp in the chain is muddy, or has some other...
I think you need to read the comment with a sense of humor
I don't the dac will work with either Apple device. I think you are limited to an amp only. My experience is the my iPods do well with an external amp when you use a line out connection Using a mini to mini connection adds volume, but does not make much difference sound wise. I would get an e11k or an e12 and a line out for the phone and leave the shuffle alone
Vali. By a wide margin. Now you have read conflicting reports. Good luck with your decision
I'm not disagreeing with you Krutsch. In fact I belive you and I are in agreement. If you listen to two different headphones and feel one is better, then that is what matters. You are not making a choice and calling one headphone superior because of a "majority opinion or cost. I get a bit tired of those who use the premise that because headphone A costs more than headphone B that it is superior, or if most people say that headphone A is better than B then it is, as you...
In a hobby as subjective as this, if you prefer a less expensive model like the 598 over the 650 then it's not inferior to you. You may be in disagreement with others, but it does not matter. Too many people keep thinking that more expensive, or a majority opinion is the controlling factor
Hifi, midfi, low fi ought to be based on sound. Cost should not be a part of this classification. Too many times I see statements that indicate the writer' s conclusion that a headphone is better just because it costs more. My opinion, is that these certainly are not low fi, or low midfi. Value on the other hand: should take cost into account
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