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I think that you can enjoy this sound quality level for many years.
I think it is VERY important to set the proper voltage!! There is a risk of burn something using the 220V setting, instead of 110V!? Personal, I wouldn't risk using an improper voltage, I don't think it is safe. We waiting for other opinions. Thank you.
Hey Guys, I sold my eXStatA in USA. To me (in Europe) it worked without problems, but in USA he can only hear some "static noise" when he plug in the Stax headphone and there is no sound. I know, eXStatA it can be set to any voltage (including 220V). Can you give us a suggestion in this regard? how to set the whole thing?       Thank you!!
It was sold! Happy buyer..
The voltage is like the stock unit. "15/230V power supply selectable from internal PCB jump pins settingOutput 2.6V,  < 800 ohms,"
Yes, it is true: AEG 5670 is almost as good as Bendix 6385. Differences are not big, Bendix provides a wider sound-stage and a little more details, while with AEG 5670 the sound is slightly better articulated and somehow perceive that you are closer to instruments. I like both tubes, are the best for Havana IMHO.I would take into account this offer:
I put on sale a very good Black Gate capacitors on e-bay:   Those are very good near the chips: I have also the very good "FK" series at a decent price. Thank's.
The price dropped!!        
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