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The price dropped!!        
Still for sale; The price dropped.  
Hi, I hardly took a final decision and I put Havana on sale at a decent price :   Thank you!  
Yes, it is true. I'm a little surprised it has not been sold yet.
Hi,I had a very pleasant surprise after I sold ART Legato, becouse currently I use Havana on the USB input with AQ Coffee connected directly to iMac (OS X Mavericks) and Logitech Media Server & Squezelittle. The sound is better (for me).  I still can not believe it. I thought to buy Audiophilleo 2, but very seriously, I'm very satisfied with Havana without transport: better texture, better micro details, better resolution. Probably something has an influence in this...
Hi,   I want Audiophilleo 2 (without Pure Power). Please let me know if you have a piece of the sale. Before I used ART Legato and now I want to try Audiophilleo to see which is more appropriate to my preferences.   Thank you!
Legato was sold.
You will lose a lot of micro details and resolution and dynamics with the stock. With the best capacitors on the market Havana improves the level of resolution and details (but keeping the sound balance, that typical NOS tonality &texture) and compete with $2.500-3.000 converters. This is the difference.
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