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I'd love to be a beta tester. I have been an audio enthusiast since enthusiast 7 years, have owned many different types of headphones,amps (including headamps micro stack), and dacs. I'm a PhD student in geophysics, who programs a lot, so listening to music is important to me. I take a very careful approach to how I test a project the same way I run a numerical or observational experiment. I'd love to write about something other than the material properties of the Earth:...
  Thanks! Which connector did you select on the website or did you contact the company personally? 
I looked on their website.... it doesn't seem they have the connector listed... Do you have a picture with your UERM's with the cable or do you not have one?
I have the new UE extruding socket... any custom cables that support them ?
Hello folks,   So I had a pair of custom UE Triple Fi Pros (reshelled) and used them for 5 years. Then they broke (the stem), so I replaced them with Shure SE 215 special editions and am really enjoying the sound, but its not quite as detailed or as comfortable as I'm used to. So I'm going to buy a pair of Ultimate Ears custom monitors. Build quality is important, and I really like the proprietary cable UE uses so thats why im going with them. I had bad experiences with...
Quick question: I like the Ultimate Ears CIEM cable: is it possible to use the new one with a custom remold from InEarZ ? 
I didn't even think of that! Thats why I posted! Thanks guys... I might go that rout.   -Scott
Hello all,   I have 5 year old TF 10 remolds from Unique Melody, and I still love them. Only problem is, after 5 years old, i have to use putty to keep the connectors in as the holes have gotten loose. This has been an OK solution, but it seems like it might be time to move on from them soon. I think the drivers are still ok, so the way I see it i have a few options:   1. Remold these again.            Whats the cost of doing this ? Should I be worried that the...
I am looking for 1 device to connect both my computer and my iphone to, that can feed my powered speakers.  Ideally, this device would have a USB input, 3.5mm/Lighting connector input, and RCA output. Does this device exist for 500 dollars or under ?    Thanks.
I'm looking for a solution a a problem. I want a USB soundcard that i can connect my audioengine A2s to, but I also want to occasionally input my iphone to them as well.There is a 3.5mm input on the speakers but I like to leave the speakers powered on all the time so leaving a 3.5mm cord hanging out causes noises. Anyone have a solution to this? 
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