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If you guys still think beats still sound bad you guys are sorely mistaken, with many high profile audiophiles shocked by how well they sound.  Good job guys, following in the age old tradition of headfiers that know about a headphone before they have heard it. What a joke you all are.
I purchased the celia & perah p3 and love it..... i dont know if you can find it for under 300 though. I paid 275 in Taipei. 
 I'll be honest, I paired mine with my dad's samsung and didn't notice a huge different between that and my iphone. AAC does a pretty good job I think, but really what I think most of the fidelity comes from the xb10 hardware itself. 
 I just figured out how to do it... I'll edit the post above. The real issue is the manual sucks haha.  Also, do you find it hard to remember which buttons do what? It hasn't been great for pressing while not looking, I think something that many users might want. Since I mostly wear mine on my collar (I have a custom short IEM cable), I cant look at the device when I'm using it. 
Still not ready to post my full impresions, but something I have noticed: You can't pair to two devices at the same time. This is something I found really useful with the nobel bts. For example, I would be listening to a podcast on my phone and then maybe want to watch a video my computer and it would automatically switch when i pressed play on my computer (and pause my phone's audio). The connectivity issues on the bts are still pretty annoying, I haven't reached for it...
  the deep bass rolloff present in the nobel bts vs wired isn't there with the AK. AK sounds very close to wired in terms of bass
Not full impressions:   -build quality is much better than nobel audio bts -pairing is much better than nobel audio bts -mic quality is much better than nobel audio bts -bass quality is much better than nobel  audio bts -much heavier and bigger  than nobel audio bts
Bon Iver, Solange, Tycho all with crispy new ones. 
 TBH, I don't hear much of a difference between my iPhone (aac) and aptX devices with my nobel audio bts. we will see if this device proves to be better. Anyway, I should be getting mine in tomorrow since it looks like the distribution center is about 1 hour from my house. 
 I doubt that will be possible (or they will advertise it) but I will try.
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