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 1) I can connect directly to my phone. I have tried big name cables (I used to own ALO cables, I've auditioned whiplash audio). 2) It isn't my major, its my profession. Cables do make a difference, but it is very cheap to make a clean cable. The problem is it is very cheap to make a high quality audio cable. Here is a pretty easy read from quora: https://www.quora.com/Audiophiles-Does-the-audio-cable-make-a-difference-in-terms-of-sound-quality. What ever makes you happy...
Hey guys, I just got a custom Beat Audio Signal cable, its pretty sweet. There is no sound quality differences between this and the stock UE cable (sorry cable believers, you aren't going to convince a physicist that there is anything but placebo sound) however the cable length, quality ect makes me happy with my purchase. Love using it with my nobel audio bts. Whats better is they didn't charge me anything extra for the custom work!    
Does this work with UE extruding cable connectors like on their customs?
 Do you also have the UE extruding connectors ?
Hello,   I have a set of UE 7's that I use as my daily driver. I've wanted a set of bluetooth earphones for a while now. Has anyone used the nobel audio BTS with the ultimate ears headphones? Anyone have a better bluetooth solution? I have two concerns:   1) I want a shorter cable, but worry the one that comes with the nobel audio bts wont fit my earphones.  Anyone have an example of nobel audio cable being used with ultimate ears? I'm worried also about the durability...
  Right... but i've never used it with extruding sockets before so i dont know if thats a good idea or not. 
 How about the included cable? does it fit on the sockets well? does it seem fragile? 
has anyone here used the nobel audio bts (plus included cable) with ultimate ears customs (with protruding sockets)? How do you like it? 
Hey guys, I have a few month old Herus+ DAC/Amp that sounds great on a computer or iOS device (i'm sure it works with android too but I havent tested it).  I don't have the original packaging, but I have the warranty card. It was purchased in Hi-Fi Taiwan earlier this year.  Im asking for 300, and if you want the lightening to USB adapter thats another 10 dollars. Shipping is CONUS only.    Pm me. 
Hello,   I have the new style ultimate ears customs, and i want to get a short cable like the one that comes with the nobel audio bluetooth receiver. Does anyone know someone who would be good at doing this work? I'd like the cable to have similar connectors to the original ultimate ears cable and be just as durable. One of the reasons i dont use custom iem cables is because they just dont seem to be as durable as the stock ones.     ultimately I'd like to have a 15.5...
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