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and salty anchovies
Technology is a capitalist ruse to keep the wheels of business turning and culminates in a throw-away society where nothing gets fixed, it just gets upgraded to the newer model with extra bells and whistles which nobody really wants/needs but are scoring points in the social pecking order.   Being a neo-Luddite, I say lets get back to the good ol' horse and cart...   Simple.
I thought Schiit was all software and/or firmware....................
Now, that would be a novel experience.........
Yep, I remember p-p wiring and  building power transformers from scratch.   Those laminations weren't much fun to cut out the E's. The I's were a snack.   Building the wiring bobbin and winding on the wire by hand were muxh better.   I had a workmate who built the aluminium chassis.   I could have done it myself but he was a sheetmetal worker and had better access to the mwtal.   As it was I built him an amp too   The amp was an AWA circuit that put out 32...
But not odd
That the HD800
R S Components   Newark
Buy a transformer that has 220V input and 110V output rated at 2 amps.   200W would only be approx 0.9A input current , but a larger transformer means you won't be running it at it's limit and allow for transformer losses.
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