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You have a collection?
FTFY. Great articles. Will keep reading.
Maybe May?
Yeah, memories   memories and lessons learnt.
I've had electolytic caps blow in front of me a few times........  not recommended.
Top line headphones are so clear that you can very easily turn up the volume too high and damage your hearing because they don't distort at high volumes.   The best practice with open headphones is to adjust the volume to a little lower than you want, Snap your fingers and listen for the volume of the snap.   If you can hear your fingers snapping easily, leave the volume of the headphones at that level. If not, turn the volume down to where you can hear the snap...
Hey, redrich...... Good to see you still on the forum.   Loved your coffee.   I didn't get to visit the coffee venues you mentioned.
Notice, at 4min 20 sec in how the radiation is mostly confined to the northern hemisphere. This is mainly due to the wind patterns in both hemispheres having little mixing as the air generally rises at the equator and then moves back to the poles.
Keep your money, and send in the lawyers.   Seems like him playing bad cop-good cop all by himself.   i.e. give you a hard time and hold your 'phones to ransom, then switch to good and say your 'phones will be shipped if you cough up the exrtra loot that you were hesitant in paying.   Joe seems like a cagey old devil who's found a good way to fleece his customers before he shuffles off this mortal coil.   I have no sympathy for him.
Has the new jade seen the light of day yet?
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