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There's no difference in volume between the cables.
Keep searching the Members Lounge   We went through the different labels 2-3 years back......
Try Stereo Net Australia classifieds..
A properly driven HD800 is better than any K1000 in my opinion.
You musn't be driving the HD800 properly....
An ocean of it, if you can bring it up......
Yep. all those legs are nice.......   Except for the poison centipedes.     Or,if you like:-
C'mon Yggy.
My KGSSHV sounds GREAT and the amp hardly gets warm. That's because it's an off-board build with the standard 5.5mA bias. The heatsinks are way oversize for the amp and are just begging for a change in amp bias current to 14mA.
You're right, but don't expect that to happen.
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