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Soporific September is surely suitable.
As a bulider of both the KGSS and KGSSHV amps, I can say that the transistors can handle high voltages. The only transformer is the power transformer converting the input voltage from 115V or 230V to the power supply board which converts the AC to + and - DC supplies.   As far as transistors go, there have been high voltage ones for years, ever since the television was popularised.   The problem with modern transistors which can handle high voltage (800v to 1200v) is...
So, So-So September.......   Anyone..?
This belongs in The Schiit thread.
You used to be able to get Precide Ergo Model 1 & Model 2 Thread of the Model2
How did they get onto the forbidden planet?
Lately this site has been throwing me out after 15 minutes, and I have to sign in again.   Also have had spurious incidents of posts being rejected, and have had to post again.
If I recall, the floats are electrostatic, and the HD650 is dynamic.     If you want a "sort of" dynamic, try the Precide Ergo AMT with its Heil Air transducers.
 Check the last few pages of this thread......
Anything you say will be just like water off a duck's back.Block function is indicated here.
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