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I'm waiting to buy in the range 0f 9000 - 999 tee hee
Fellas. fellas, stop feeding the
Meng, read back further into the thread, not just the last few pages.   Building these amps to this quality takes time, and sourcing components and material can lead to very elastic completion projections.   They will be completed when they are completed, and even Nostradamus could not predict exactly when that will occur.
You're joking, right?
Gimme a milkshake....
   ....and that's always a good thing for the DIY community..
The way we're going, it will be.....   Nothing Doing November
Other peoples opinions are just that - opinions.   What you need to find is someone who has the same tastes as you do, and even then take their recommendations with a grain of salt.   take everyone elses' opinions with a tablespoon of salt.   There's also the point that a hundred recommendations can go unnoticed in the presence of one or two contrary opinions which strike a nerve with you.   What you need to do in these cases is to look at the negative poster's...
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