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I always thought that headphones were for those who needed a fix while not having a fix.  Claytons coke, if you will.
The Beats need to be stuck under Dr. Dre's armpits for at least a month before they even begin to sound good.   The only real alternative is to immerse the Beats in a bucket of elephant or water buffalo dung for that organic goodness. The problem with this solution is that the dung needs to be moistened to the correct consistency and the Beats have to be driven to the point of severe cone distortion whilst the program material needs to be swapped every 10 minutes...
... and, don't forget to bathe the cables in unicorn tears, and then sprinkle with pixie dust to sweeten the treble and also flesh out the mids.   Audio nirvana - right there.
Sennheiser - just look at the name....... the first 3 letters are the same as the first 3 letters in sensible. But, as in all things, it's the complete word that counts.   Consider sensational and senile as further examples.....
Sennheiser Blitzkreig declares war on all other imposters to the master race of headphones
Trees but not plants
but not by
Everybody's Talking - Harry Nilsson
Tony Orlando
That crackle is sometimes called the Stax fart.   My Stax Alpha Pro does it a lot when I move them.
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