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One of the very few companies I know being explicit about how they measure accuracy: http://www.etymotic.com/technology/hwmra
What I can imagen is that sender and receiver do device enumeration.Of course they do find SBC (mandatory) but there might be other codecs as well.Let’s assume both support AAC and decided to use this. The audio is send to the Bluetooth sender.Here the audio is encoded to a lossy format (AAC in this case) that fits into the bandwidth and of course decoded to raw PCM at the receiver because the receiver contains a DAC and DACs do not understand anything at all about any...
As you can't see them, the problem might be the tags. Tagging support in WAV is a disaster. A simple test is to transfer a couple of WAVs to another computer. Open a media player and check if you see the standard tags like Artist, Album, etc. If not, this might be the reason your DAP don't "see" them.
No, the Toslink standard says 24/96 max but the hardware often performs betterSPDIF over coax can and will do 24/192 without problems. To the OPIndeed it look likes SPDIF is on its way out.In the past almost any multimedia PC had SPDIF out.Today it is HDMI.Alternative is a USB to SPDIF converter. 
Can't help you much as I don't AD myself Have a look at Focusrite https://us.focusrite.com/usb-audio-interfaces/scarlett-2i2 or Benchmark https://benchmarkmedia.com/products/benchmark-adc1-usb-audio-converter or any other typical pro-brands like RME, Metric Halo, Prismsound, etc
 You mean when Sony and Philips finally came to an agreement late 70’s about what bit depth and sample rate to be used for the audio CD, this compromise is the definitive answer to all quality issues?Any progress impossible? To the OPOf course you should experiment a little and try some Hires on your system.Personally I won’t pay almost the double for a Hires  recording.
JRiver can sound a bit murky but the Oomph is new to me. Maybe there is still some DSP going on somewhere be it in JRiver or in the Win audio panel. Before you fork out $50, have a look at MusicBee It doesn’t offer all the DSP JRiver has but if you are not in need of a convoler, X-over etc it might fit the bill. Excellent piece of freeware imho. http://www.getmusicbee.com/
Both FLAC and ALAC files sound identical to the original source (44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo). The hi-fi Lossless files are much larger files and will take longer to download. These files are for audiophiles who want better sound quality. For those interested in higher-than-CD-quality sound, we also offer HD formats in 24 bit resolution. These files are FLAC-HD and ALAC-HD, which are made from the master 24 bit digital recordings of each show. The sample rate may vary...
You're best bet is to match the sample rate of the audio stream as the Win re-sampling is a bit poor.     http://archimago.blogspot.nl/2015/11/measurements-windows-10-audio-stack.html
Most of the time headphones have a separate left and right hot wire and a common ground. Of course on can wire them as one wires speakers to an amp using 2 pair of wires, one ground and one signal for each channel. Notice that nobody calls the way we wire speakers to an amp balanced. I would say understandably because there is nothing balanced about this wiring schema. It is symmetrical, that's all we can say about this wiring schema.   Hence the question is what...
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