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Technically it is easy to convert any audio format to any other audio format. To detect if a lossless format contains audio from a lossy source is pretty hard. As far as I know there are no programs that can detect this in a reliable way. We struggle to hear the difference between high bit rate MP3 and the lossless original, likewise these programs do.   An option might be PerfectTunes. It checks the recording against the AccurateRip database. If the checksum can be...
If it is about the best possible rip the answer is simple. By design bit perfect ripping of audio CD’s is not guaranteed. However in practice most rippers when set to secure mode do a good job. The trick is to compare the result of your rip with the rip of others. If they are the same it is very likely the rip is bit perfect. That is what AccurateRip does. dBpoweramp supports AccurateRip, in fact they invented...
 It is. FLAC’s “compression” level is a permanent source of confusion.All it says is the amount of resources the PC might spend on finding the best possible lossless compression.In the past an issue. Today any decent CPU can do the job.Others already pointed out that ripping to 96/24 is not a good idea.Hi-res is about recordings made with a bit depth of 24 and a sample rate > 44.1If you rip a CD to 96/24 you don’t get hi-res, you do get up-sampling.Ripping a CD to 96/24 is...
Is exclusive mode enabled in the Win sound panel?
Your laptop has analog stereo out The JBL has XLR balanced in   One option is a cable 3.5 mm stereo to 2x XLR The other is a DAC USB in > XLR out:
Bit of a step back imho. In case of async USB the DAC is in control of the timing. In case of SPDIF the sample rate is generated by the clock on the mobo. In general not typically a high quality one. Might generate a lot of input jitter at the DAC.   The Modi2 comes with its own USB UAC2 drivers. Might solve your problem as it looks like a driver issue.
YesOf course you need a media player too :)
As this thread started in 2009, I can only say FLAC got more momentum. Even Win10 is going to support it. EAC is still around. Personally I favor dBpoweramp, it has excellent meta data
 Try this one:
That is the weirdest USB DAC problem known to me. I know if at boot time a USB storage device is the first, the boot will fail (if no OS on it) But a USB audio device seen as a USB storage?   If you open de device manager, see anything weird?
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