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I have no hands-on experience with Linux so I can't help you much Often Twonky Vision is used You might try this one:
Your best bet is to look for UPnP/DLNA software DLNA is the industry standard for streaming AV   You are not very specific about your server but if it is Win, MS doesn’t support FLAC Likewise it won’t play on a PC unless you start using media players supporting both DLNA and FLAC Win10 is supposed to support FLAC. Media servers often can be configured for transcoding. If a renderer doesn’t support FLAC, it is transcoded to e.g. WAV.   You might have a look at a...
Have a look at MusicBee
Both is probably true A lot of SACD are hybrid, a DSD layer and a 16/44.1 layer (PCM) SACD has copy protection so it is pretty hard to rip the DSD layer Google is your friend :)
You can't choose a decoder.If you play FLAC you need the FLAC decoderIf you play APE you need the APE decoder.You can convert APE to FLAC: Library Tools > Convert format
Your best bet is enabling memory playback. All the processing (reading, decoding) is done before playback starts. Effectively eliminates these differences.
I don’t think JPlay is the issue It is simply one of those many products claiming to be of audiophile quality but cannot substantiate this claim with any measurement. The issue is that JRiver is actively censoring its users. I do think that is bad business ethics.
IMHO it makes no sense to talk about the sound quality of HDMI or Toslink. You don’t hear HDMI or Toslink, you hear the implementation. In the past HDMI had a very bad reputation in the jitter department. HiFi News measured values up to 7660 ps in 2009. Haven’t seen more recent measurements. The jitter level of Toslink is as good as the clock driving the spdif header allows for. When implemented right this can be low...
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