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Are these pop's systematic, always in the same track at the same time or are they random? If the  latter is the case, it is not the rip but a problem in the playback chain.
As you have pops and clicks and even silence, it is probably a matter of buffer underruns. Try increasing buffer size Check for high latency:
A DAC is a chip doing the DA conversion. The onboard audio has one + an amp. Discrete soundcards do have one + amp. An outside soundcard is also called a DAC and of course inside there is a DAC (chip)   The onboard audio or a discrete soundcard does the DA conversion. Hence you don't need an outboard DAC. An outboard DAC requires a digital connection. This can be USB or SPDIF. In case of USB you don't need a soundcard at all as it is completely bypassed. In case of...
You might have a look at USB-DACs A lot of them are pre-amps with USB input, line out, headphone out If they are USB audio class 1/2 compliant they will work on Win/Linux/Mac   Have a look at the Xonar Essence One USB
Most of the time media players don’t deal with the file system directly. They scan the audio for tags and store them in a database.   I have a Sandisk 30 MB/s 64 GB card. Only when transferring from PC to phone it is a bit slow.
Audio in CD quality is 44100 samples 16 bit word 2 channel 44100*16*2=1411200 bits/s=1.4 Mb/s   Any SD card is fast enough
A simple experiment is to decode to FLAC with e.g. 0,5 and 8 8 yields the highest compression but the difference with 5 is small.   There are people who claim to hear a difference between playing a track  in WAV and in FLAC. Invariably they claim WAV sound better. Tagging support of WAV is haphazard Hence if you rip to uncompressed FLAC you have the same data as in case of WAV but with the excellent tagging support of FLAC added.   BTW: I always use 8. With todays...
In the Windows audio panel, check if the audio device is set to full range
In case of PC audio, a first is to check if no DSP (bass enhancement, etc) is going on. Another option is to compare e.g. with the headphone out of any decent amp before you decide to buy a DAC
When importing new files there are a couple of considerations. How to find them in your library? Downloads often comes with booklets and cover art or to put it more technically PDF, JPG, TXT etc. How to keep them together?   My work flow is to put all new files in a subdir of C:\USERS\Vincent\Work I configure auto import to watch this folder import all kind of file types   I have a view New. In rules for file display it point to...
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