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I don’t think JPlay is the issue It is simply one of those many products claiming to be of audiophile quality but cannot substantiate this claim with any measurement. The issue is that JRiver is actively censoring its users. I do think that is bad business ethics.
IMHO it makes no sense to talk about the sound quality of HDMI or Toslink. You don’t hear HDMI or Toslink, you hear the implementation. In the past HDMI had a very bad reputation in the jitter department. HiFi News measured values up to 7660 ps in 2009. Haven’t seen more recent measurements. The jitter level of Toslink is as good as the clock driving the spdif header allows for. When implemented right this can be low...
Maybe. It is far in excess of the standard but he hardware often performs better
My PC happens to have a Toslink out. The "problem" with SPDIF is that the sample rate is generated by the sender.If the sender has a cheap clock, this will generate tons of input jitter at the DAC.I'm not familiar with all the products you listed but the Hiface2 does have an excellent reputation.
There is a (incomplete) list of USB to SPDIF converters on my website   As many today DACs do have a USB input capable of 24/192 or even higher I wouldn't go the additional converter way.   I use Toslink most of the time. The standard says it is limited to 24/96 but in practice it plays higher :) 
 24/192 is by design a digital signal, nothing analog about 24 bits  It accepts 24/192 max over the SPDIF- AES/EBUThe USB accepts 24/96 max. It is a bit dated design (adaptive mode) and of course it won't recognize DoP. To play 24/192 you need a sound card with SPDIF outIf you send a signal > 96 kHz straight over the USB, it won't play.Alternative, a USB to SPDIF converter supporting 24/192.If you want to play DSD you need a media player converting it on the fly to PCM
Assuming the iTouch works like any other portable - it popup in JRiver in drives & device - you make a play list - you tells how to convert e.g. everything to MP3 or any other format - you start the sync My personal experience is that the whole process in JRiver is a bit flaky and often it fails me. Because of this I use MusicBee today for the sync, far more stable with Android devices. Bit more detail on my website:...
 Have you read the part about Burn In? fun
A very simple one is trying Foobar with WASAPI in exclusive mode. This in general works well with USB DAC’s As you bypass the Win mixer (as it expect multiple streams even a single stream is converted to float and back to integer and dithered) you might perceive a subtle increase in transparency.
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