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  I'm sorry. I should have said "anyone with half a clue" rather than "most people".  
I think most would agree that the new driver (rather reminiscent of those used in the original SR-Omega) is immediately apparent from the photo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Donald North Here's a different perspective: General Asylum: Re: Audio Note of Japan (KONDO) by Peter Qvortrup - Audio Note (UK) Ltd. I love my 2A3 amps from Audio Note UK. They sound better than Kondo's offering which I've also had. The "different perspective" is little but a self-serving attempt to put spin on some pretty hard to justify facts. Indeed it's fairly damning even when considered on its own, outside of...
It is something of a mystery why anyone would buy anything from the so called "Audio Note UK" given their origins and past actions. Kondo on the other hand... http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.pl?f...eneral&n=37527
I should be able to come too.. Will probably only bring Stax SR-X though - it's actually a great alternative to Grados - would be interesting to do a comparison.
Quote: Originally Posted by kinsale Hi all What is everybody's opinion of the SR202 Basic system. I got it to replace my SR-X MKIII and am not sure I made the right decision. I find it dare I say boring? Was I spoiled by the SRX MKIII? I have them (SRX MKIII) up for sale but am not sure I want to let them go now. I find myself not enjoying the music as much. Can anyone comment as to why this would be? Is the amp that comes with this system not...
Quote: Originally Posted by EliasGwinn When you say "local buffer", do you mean the buffer in the USB receiver chip in the USB device? Yes, buffer in the USB receiver.
Quote: Originally Posted by EliasGwinn Sample rate is not just a setting. Even if the data is not being transferred at the specified period, the sample rate of the audio is a very important, very specific quantity. The question is, what happens when the sample-rate of this audio is different from the sample-rate of the USB device? If the playback sample-rate is based on the USB device instead of the audio data, any discrepencies in sample-rate will...
Quote: Originally Posted by EliasGwinn Example: What if Mr. Hansen's USB audio device says, "Send me all audio data at my sample-rate: 44.1001 kHz (or 48k, or 96k)." USBaudio.sys looks at the audio stack, which is sending audio at 44.1002 from iTunes. How does it reconcile that difference? It must re-sample. Elias, Surely this is some misunderstanding? The standard way audio playback is implemented from the application side is that the...
Quote: Originally Posted by The Monkey Just a query to the group--given the choice, which would you take: Lambda Pro or SR-303? SR-303, but would prefer Signature or the original Lambda.
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