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deleted (you wont believe me but I really dont remember how I can have two profiles...surely a login problem with the first...and I made a second one with almost the same informations ) Sorry, this is out of topic.... I'll made a little feedback on the velvet, I had the chance to listen to them fir a while.
New product comming on 30 sept!!!
Tere's a new product comming on 30 sept.
New product comming on 30 sept:
No, no changes in sound,   Here's a link to more specifications in Average Joe's post:
There will be 15 units sold at the same price of the standard model.If people ask for it, there will be more white unit a little bit differents than this one.
I also find it very classy... 
Hello everybody,   For those who are interested, here are a limited edition of the Sm 64...    I think that it's just a design new version... find it very nice.   
Hello,    Here are the new Earsonics tips...     
  Thank you Carisan.
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