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For information, only for today incredible and special prices: For non European, taking taxes in account: velvet are 408€
For information, today incredible and special prices: For non European, taking taxes in account: S-em6 553€ velvet 408€
Concerning tips, Earsonics are going to sell tips specially designed for Es2/3 and S-Em9... They will be available at the end of november/beginning december... At this moment, I use sensorcom double-flange tips but they seems not to be available anymore... so I look forward to try ES new tips...
Hello Rollk2, Yes I do but a little bit less... I usualy use tue Es3 outside and my Sem9 at home... But the Em32 still rock!....
If you liked the S-Em9, I think that you wont be disappointed.. :-)
Yes they are extremely versatile... I also listent to different kind of music... Electro/Jazz/Rock/independent hip hop and the Es3 are able to perform well with all kind of music.
The more I listen to them, the more they really remind me of my S-EM9...
A new Earsonics tips (monoflange) specially designed for the Sem9, Es2 and Es3 will go out in november/december.
Concerning bass between velvet (balanced) and the ES3, I can say from memory that they are on par, quantity and quality... Here's an excellent review about the ES3: http://www.head-fi.org/products/earsonics-es3-in-ear-earphones
hello, I can't say anything about the 2 Iem, I had the Westone several years ago and never had the Er4 but to my ears, with the mojo and the shozy alien, there's no problem with the Es3. Perhaps the bass are slower with my new cowon plenue D but it's only an impression, having the cowon only since 1 day.
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