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  Thank you Carisan.
 In point 2) you say reformat the player, If I understand, you do it while player connected to PC, right? Like when you reformat a SD card for example? Thank you.
  It's very very nice of you...thank you very much...:-) I'll try later.
After month of enjoying moments, I also had this issue... 4 or 5 times while using it 1 hour per day...   And now I listen to music with fear... the first time was awfull and I listento it with my 1000 usd Ciem (em32)....    I can clearly confirm this is a real problem. My DX-50 is comming from second batch, no problem before.... 
Also very nice in blue... 
Thank you very much Joe... happy to hear that you finally tried them...;-)
 I personnaly had only good experiences regarding service... very available, friendly and fast. 
Also like KRS one, Gangstarr (RIP),Leaders of the New School, Lords of the Underground, Tribe called Quest, Group Home, Naughty by Nature, tha Alcaholics tipe of sound...but all these are difficult to me to listen with Iem's or Ciem's due to poor quality mastering production... 
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