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Typing on my Das Keyboard Ultimate with Cherry Brown Keys.    I love it, I've written probably about 100 pages worth of manuscript on it and its so very smooth. It's a dust and finger-print magnet though!
I picked this mic up after I snatched up that ridiculous Philips X1 deal on amazon. Then I ruined my savings by getting a mix amp for my PS4. Either way, the mic is excellent and the headphone works great with it. I've used the headphone pair for Skype, projects, even talking on the phone. Sounds excellent for my BF4 nights. 
Just squeaked into the Amazon Gold Deal. 150 for these sounds pretty good. I already have a Q701 + 172HD. Should be a nice change until i get the mighty HE-400
Finished listening to this beast after several hours. It is so much smoother than the e7/e9 combo. It has better clarity, separation and transparency. While I've only tested this with my Q's...I might have to dust off my K172 and maybe see if i can safely plug in my SE215.   I'm listening to the Chesky album from Amber Rubarth in 24/96Hz. (great album btw....the guitar and drums just wash over you...)     I think this set up (Modi + Magni) has enough juice to...
I just got mine this morning for my Christmas gift from the lovable folks. (Both the Magni (#107 baby!) and the Modi + PYST Unbalanced cables)   Anyways, I'm burning them in.   As its early on, but from my Q701's...it sounds a lot more resolving than my e17/e7 + e9. Smoother with slightly warmer mids? Still burning in....   Still trying to pick out the nuances tho. These ears are still in training.   Edit: I am hearing the (extreme) low end imbalance....
I'm glad you said that. I thought I was hearing things. I've been listening to Bassnectar and its out of this world. Something got burned in!
Whoa, I need to check this post more often. Thanks a lot everyone for expertise and input!    I've been using my Q's for probably 200+ hours. I'm just a poor college student but man do these sound great. The mids have gotten deeper and the bass is well defined but never booming.   If you have to play any acoustic guitar on them you will hear the clarity of the strings.    If you want to hear the dissecting and analytical side of these phones throw on some...
I'm interested. I own the Monster Turbines (my primary IEM) and am very curious about the Coppers.    I have a MBP > Fidelia > E7/E9    I currently have Q701, K172 HD and Grado SR-60's (and the Turbines). I have plenty of FLAC, ALAC and 320kbps MP3's for testing.    I listen to Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical. Some hip-hop/dance as well. 
I got a short green and a long black!
While I doubt the difference (if any, YMMV) is worth $100 bucks, these were a gift. If I were buying I would have gotten the K702's. My parents just got their P's and Q's mixed up. I can't complain . I love the complete black look. Much better than the green or white Q's IMHO.   Who in their right mind would ever make the shorter cable nasty ugly puke green? I realize that it is QJ favorite color...but really? It is cheap looking and feeling. I might get a replacement...
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