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my pleasure, UT ... glad it's found a happy ... why is the gec taking so long to get to LR?   his shipment to me just arrived about an hr ago. the prices on premium tubes have been crazy for a long while --- now it seems to have reached hysterical proportions -- that's why i'm leaving that parade
i agree -- & i was fortunate enough to catch him in action with jacqui mcshee ... maybe 8yr ago ... but my recollection is that he did not seem to be in the best of health then and the sets were rather on the 'slow' side.
haha ... excellent.  now you can start hunting for an original arnold: english, scottish, cornish dances on lyrita label.  how many $$$$ ?? another vinyl treasure is john renbourn's Sir John A Lot (Of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & Ye Grene Knyghte) ... i bought the windham hill re-release in the late 80s but the original pressing on transatlantic (1968) should be great too.  have a listen: 
must be a heavy bird ... having a hard time getting off the runway.  i wonder how UT is faring with the slotted bendix?  that was some fast delivery.i sent yours only 1 day later, but the posties decided to take a 3-day weekend.
@DecentLevi  ... where are my manners?  ... thank you for the kind words.
 i thought about the oled ... but $7k cdn for the 65" e6 ... that was way too much shuck to swallow.  so i'm very happy with the 8500 ... blacks are very black, way super contrast, literally no light bleed at the edges and only minimal bloom with white text on black background.  a momentary & small blooming artifact (very, very occasional incident) does not bother me.  so it is almost perfect (so far) for my needs.  & finally, even tho glossy screen, in my seating location...
damn hard to find good prices on these tubes today (at least from reliable sellers) --- i got mine 3 - 5 yr ago.  i liked telefunken, siemens, amperex in my setup.  also valvo.i used them in a hybrid amp with ss output devices so i don't know whether or not this would be indicative of performance out of, say, elise.  & i don't have any matched pairs of them either, so i'll never get to experience them in the likes of elise. my elise sounds pretty darn good with el3n...
for me, monk needs burn in.  i didn't like the sound at all during the first day ... stopped listening after the 1st hr & just let it play from my laptop.  after a few more hrs next day, i began to understand why it has attracted so much attention.  but there's not much slam in the lower registers ... actually a bit light there & part of that is probably due to getting a good seal/fit.  btw, i never used monk with elise, just from my laptop & pc.
@UntilThen   ...  looks like your tube has landed ... now, depends upon efficiency of your customs & ozpost.
thankfully, i'm not buying any more tubes (famous last words ... repeated often enough ... are ignored).   but ut has posted an image which is reminding me to ... dig out those other 4 el3ns.
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