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notwithstanding cosmetic issue, sound with jan 6sn7wgt and rca 6as7g using t1 is quite alright --- barely 2 hr in.  needs more burn-in before i switch to some heavy hitters ... ie el3n, 6080 ...
           okay, @pctazhp @hypnos1 @HOWIE13 @mordy @UntilThen   -  thnx for all the comments/suggestions -- here's the result after a half-doz or so wiping with dry and moistened with distilled water microfibre:  (sorry for the crappy photo and different angle --- big box blocking access from other direction) better?  you be the judge.
good idea --- done.
& i got this package yesterday ...     why is it that all these front panels look like they've been scrubbed?  has anyone received a perfect looking front?
 thnx, spork but no saint, me ... but patience could be my middle name . as far as waiving anything ... haha ... you must be thinking of another country. i was billed 5% for gst (on the full amt incl the shipping cost) + $9.95 for postal service (handling fee) = $54.21 cdn.   no duties were levied & since i reside in province of alberta, no provincial sales tax. i think this marks the end of my tube amp acquisitions (yeah, famous last words ...).
 thnx, h1 ... will report back asap .
the gec 6as7g is just too far out there ... i would rather put the $ towards new hp or even upgrade my tv to even larger size. i'm tempted ... god, i'm tempted.  but i think i'll play with the toobs that i have currently & put the $ to upgrade from 55" to 65" tv instead.
  thnx guys ... i can't tell you how much i'm looking forward to this ... now, where in the heck did i put all those toobs?  first up will be ge 6sn7 and rca 6as7g just to ensure that all is working properly. for those who remember my earlier posts about spending time with a new vizio 4k tv --- watching olympic ceremonies with 4k and wcg is awesome.
yes.  let the banners fly & the bells ring out ... finally, the matter of my 'hostaged' elise is resolved --- cbsa apologized for losing track of my shipment & released it today.
   & where does one find these medicre toobs for a good price? & on another matter, in a wks time, i'll be joining you anointed ones.
New Posts  All Forums: