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 no --- no postal strike yet, but there have been some complaints about slow mail service.   this issue does not reside with postal services; it is cbsa (canada border services agency) which is completely independent from postal services.  so far, i've phoned (no one picks up & leaving a message does not yield a callback), mailed in copies of invoice and payment receipts, as well as faxed --- no response to anything. i've checked about contacting our postal services but...
  thnx, guys.it will not arrive tomorrow  ... or several days after for that matter.there is an issue ... perhaps several ... & perhaps not all related to elise itself.all i know is that it is stuck in a blackhole of sorts.  i think i will ask feliks to intervene via international postal enquiry ... after all our illustrious pm has espoused better trade relations with poland
your phone is lost; my elise is still stuck in customs (37 calendar days & counting) ...  i wonder if any other canucks had issues getting elise into the country?LR,  there's a line in the song 'born under a bad sign' that aptly describes our current audio predicaments.
elise is a capital acquisition --- will easily last 15yr + of solid enjoymentchateau haut-brion is an ostentatious consumable --- will last a few hours (at most) however enjoyable  ... having said that, i'd like a glass, please .
  now, now ... there's no need for evil talk ... no, not jealous at all  ... i know my new 55" p-series vizio will keep me placated (should be here soon ... much sooner than elise).
 thnx ... i'm sure i think it'll get here ... someday.
 & i must be following in LR's footsteps ... i still haven't been able to get mine out of customs  (or as they prefer to be known now, canada border services agency) -- they don't answer phones (in either english or french) and they don't acknowledge receipt of requested docs sent via mail ... & in another 6 calendar days, they will dispose of item - bah! a pox on them, i say!
they purchased bulk mil stock --- from the quantities offered i would guess they easily have several thousand on hand.  as to how they sound, i suspect it's dependent on the 'chain'.  taken on their own, you could do worse for more $
  consider picking up from here:   http://www.partsconnexion.com/6080.html or also here:  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-pc-1-pair-NOS-NIB-Philips-ECG-JAN-6080WC-Twin-Power-Triode-Vacuum-Tube-/371542665105?hash=item5681ab2791:g:1dkAAOSw5dNWqPl1
i posted a link on the other site (post # 12557) to some music which (i would hope) might be of interest & enjoyment.
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