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i thought i'd check with the gurus here rather than pay for sony tech assistance.  the manual nicely describes earpad removal, but nothing about the headband cushions which are equally likely to need cleaning since they employ an open weave on the bottom of the cushion.  before i start removing screws left, right & center, does anyone have any experience in removing these cushions?
you have pm.
Late to the party, but i would like to join the HifiMan tour.   1. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   2. headphones: q701, hf2, modded t50rp, mdr-rf6500, a couple of somics, koss portapro     iems:  nope, never - my ear canals are reserved for future hearing aid(s) ... which judging by the escalation of my tinnitus, should be just around the corner (not literally).     source: modded pioneer dv-563a universal disc player     dac: audio-gd nfb-2     amps: asl headphone pre...
i doubt my previous experiences with source output overloading input of amp 'y' would be of any practical use for your case; i think the specifics of your question really requires direct testing ... you could fire off a query to rachel at grantfidelity or to matrix-digi-usa to determine whether or not x-sabre is compatible with active spkr 'z'   fwiw, i had to resort to using a preamp, but there are high quality attenuators which are considerably cheaper.   hth,
    bifrost rca output rated at 2.0 Vrms; OP's initial post rates x-sabre output at 2.2 Vrms.  is this enough to send your a5+ into clipping mode?  perhaps; if so, a preamp (or attenuator) is required.  various source' output voltages (rca) may run from 1.7 - 2.5 Vrms from my encounters.  why don't you ask the audioengine ppl what their max input voltage is before clipping?
ember, like the ps II, uses tubes from the dual-triode family.  the 7ad7 is a power pentode (single) ... well, unless you want mono, but even then it's incompatible with the ember cct.  personally, i'd love to see a project "double pentode" if only to use some great looking meshplate tubes.
yes, it is bi-directional and you also have the advantage of using either rca or 3.5mm trs for any of the input/output(s).
Mshenay  - the coleman ls3 should do the trick for you.   oops, ixnay ... just saw that this uses 1/4" trs, vice rca ... still looking ...     forget what i just posted ... the original suggestion (rolls ss32) by UmustBKidn  should work for you.   1 rca in - 3 selectable rca out.   in your case, common is the input and you have a choice of outputs a, b, or c.
    Ic3M0nk3y - don't be too hasty; hard to tell from the pix, but i think these are repairable.  you need to determine where the broken wire connects and either re-solder or use some silver-based (or gold-) conductive epoxy.
don't forget that after modding, the fostex lose efficiency; in order to attain the same listening level after modding, you require more power.  you need to rule out the possibility that you are driving your source into a clipping state.  if you don't have an amp, try taking your phones to any store/outlet that sells receivers or integrated amps and have a listen on their setup.  you'll be able to easily verify if the noise is an artifact of the phones or if it's an...
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