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DL, you have PM.
i have been considering and researching this for the past 2 yr now ... a dealer recently suggested melco.  not much of a display, but all info is on the remote (tab/pad), but it's still more than i want to spend - tho it might be within your budget. previously i considered foobar2k, jriver, musicbee and a few other players running under win10, but i gave up on those ... tho i still like using musicbee for tagging purposes.i've decided i will build my own using the free...
look really nice .. good price?
have you tried the latest passive 3d?  i've heard it's very good.
it's 3:30am & it's wet & windy and 11c.  since elise is stuck at customs, might as well continue yakkin' bout tvs.  60" lg is back on at costco, but they bundled it up with a soundbar & jacked the price $300cdn.  all things considered, this might be the one to join elise.
looks like you're seated no more than 5'-6' away from that 60" screen, no?   my current 52" sharp is about 12' from where i sit ... so kind of smallish.my existing audio rack is actually behind where i sit, so i'm always facing the tv regardless of whether listening to music or watching.
yeah, plasmas have that very hi-freq squeal --- mostly unnoticeable until ...  but that's not what bothers me about plasmas ... it's the heat; otherwise they are frickin' great tvs.as for what is being produced today, i narrowed it down to 3 models - samsung ks8000/8500 series; lg uh8500 series & lg oled but the 2016 oled pricing for canada hasn't been released yet, to my knowledge.he who waffles ... gets burnt toast.  i had my eyes on the lg 60" uh8500 at costco, but...
 guys ... i'm not all zombies; rodrigo's concierto has been a mainstay in my classical collection for many decades -- still is. but on monday eve, i'm off for some death jazz via:   hahaha ... the trumpeter's name is tabu zombie ... & i also dig:
 hey UT, try it with this:
  absolutely ... cf, my post #12001  ....  i just didn't want to come out & say the seller is a gd liar ... oops, i guess i did.for the uninitiated, the lure of marques like genelex, gec, etc. may lead to ... ripoff.
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