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I'm sad I missed this meet.  I didn't even know they had one for Phoenix.  I accidentally stumbled upon this thread.  Next year I will be there.
I can't believe DMS doesn't get more attention on these forums.  I've had the opportunity to audition it and this DAC is absolutely out of this world and can power pretty much any headphone you throw at it.  Incredible sound quality and destroys DACs that are more than twice its price.  I know it, because I've briefly owned those DACs before too.  I don't trash other products, and I won't name names, but some of the more popular products that are recommended on here are...
the-kraken, I am using single-ended. I use my TH900s and Philips Fidelio X1. Also, my studio monitors Neumann KH120 connected through XLR. It is an amazing combination.
I am a recent proud owner of the Oppo HA-1.  This unit is a masterpiece.  It is outstanding.   I've owned several DACs and Amps over the years and some that were a lot more expensive.  This is by far my favorite.  There is something about it that just makes the sound addicting.  This thing just sound right!  It is detailed, warm, and balanced.  Music/audio just sounds the way it's supposed to.   Oppo HA-1 puts a lot of other DACs/Amps that are a lot more expensive to...
I just put my MUSES up for sale.   If anyone is interested let me know.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/750138/fs-asus-xonar-essence-one-muses-edition
I am selling my Asus Xonar Essence One MUSES Edition.  It is in excellent condition and works flawlessly.  There are absolutely zero scratches or any other cosmetic damages.   I have the revised version which has the new volume potentiometer and doesn't suffer from channel imbalance.  It also has a headphone gain switch hi/low.  I have it set to low, cause that's all my TH900 headphones need.  You can adjust it based on your headphones by opening up the unit and moving...
I just bought this.  I'm excited to receive it and hook it to my Neumann KH 120s :).  I love these speakers.  They are a pleasure to listen to and one of the most accurate I've ever heard.  I'm hoping Grace m920 will complement them nicely and my Fostex TH900s :). Thanks for the review as well.
Well, if these headphones are lacking in bass then they're definitely out of the equation for me.
Well, I'll have to hear it myself.   I've heard and owned plenty of these so called "audiophile" headphones and other gear, most of them were an absolute disappointment.  I couldn't believe people would pay that type of money for a product that didn't sound any better than one that costs 1/10th the price of that.  But that's for another topic.   Audiophile world has a bunch of snake oil bs.  You gotta do your research and separate the bs from the facts :).   Steven...
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