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That exactly you just linked! Can be bought here:  http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Source/ or other places, whatever you prefer.
Bass light?  You need to try the HD800 with the Dangerous Music Source and they will compete with TH900s in terms of bass.  Yes, that's right I said TH900!  Absolutely stunning combo!  That amp/dac doesn't get mentioned around here very much and I'm amazed that it doesn't, but it will destroy many DACs/Amps I see recommended here.  In fact it blows my Oppo HA-1 out of the water when it comes to powering the HD800.  If people feel like bass is light on the HD800, they...
Sold :).
I added some pics with the brand new earpads on them :).
I am selling one the greatest closed headphones on the market and ever made!.  I bought them in January 2014 from b&h photo.  They are in flawless condition!  I am moving towards open headphones and no longer need a closed headphone.   These headphones have been babied and treated with care.  I live in a smoke free environment and no pets either.  They have never left my room and have always been well taken care of.  They have never been dropped or damaged.  They have...
I'm sad I missed this meet.  I didn't even know they had one for Phoenix.  I accidentally stumbled upon this thread.  Next year I will be there.
I can't believe DMS doesn't get more attention on these forums.  I've had the opportunity to audition it and this DAC is absolutely out of this world and can power pretty much any headphone you throw at it.  Incredible sound quality and destroys DACs that are more than twice its price.  I know it, because I've briefly owned those DACs before too.  I don't trash other products, and I won't name names, but some of the more popular products that are recommended on here are...
the-kraken, I am using single-ended. I use my TH900s and Philips Fidelio X1. Also, my studio monitors Neumann KH120 connected through XLR. It is an amazing combination.
I am a recent proud owner of the Oppo HA-1.  This unit is a masterpiece.  It is outstanding.   I've owned several DACs and Amps over the years and some that were a lot more expensive.  This is by far my favorite.  There is something about it that just makes the sound addicting.  This thing just sound right!  It is detailed, warm, and balanced.  Music/audio just sounds the way it's supposed to.   Oppo HA-1 puts a lot of other DACs/Amps that are a lot more expensive to...
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