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Quote: Originally Posted by THE_SOURCE41 Is that not accurate? If it makes it easier since I really like the shures I want something with a really good mids and a bass that is there but not overpowering in anyway. I wouldn't mind having some more highs though. I don't own the SE530s (anymore) or HD650s (though I've listened to them several times), but FWIW I would say they've got a pretty similar sound -- not the opposite by any means. The HD650s...
What makes you think it's due to the upsampling? My guess is it's probably just a difference in quality between your soundcard's DAC and your upsampling one, but without knowing what DAC and soundcard you're talking about, I can't really back that up.
Quote: Originally Posted by lustaficko E500s with no base? Am I reading you correctly? Apparently not, since it's spelled 'bass'. And, as has already been said, give your ears some time to get used to them. If after a few days they don't seem much improved, maybe they just aren't for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict Not just americans, it 's to anyone inside the United States of America, even illegal aliens Actually, I have found it a pain to ship outside of the continental USA. I've done it here on head-fi 3-4 times since August because we're a tighter community, but I don't on eBay. I've been ripped off a few times, not anymore. Yeah, it can be iffy sometimes. I shipped a bass guitar to a guy in Canada one...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict The E500 are very nice, but after having auditioned the Westone 3 side by side with my Shure's, I would recommend waiting for the Westones to come out soon. Retail is $399, but some audiologists will discount them because as one of them once told me, "we make our money on hearing aids, and you'll be back" When is the 3 coming out? Would you say it is definitely 'better' than the E500, or is it...
http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser...ontage_eng.pdf Follow the first couple steps on there, and then unscrew the plastic thing if you want to get at the driver.
Where? I can't seem to find them... what's the seller's name? edit: nevermind I see it
Anyone know if bobsound1 still has any e500s left?
Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda HR desktop balanced or Rudistor nx-33, but even those will cost you around $1000-1250, or more. the SP Sqaure Wave is $1699, but maybe there is an introductory offer making it less. i dont know. the GSX is another one, but that is $1800. Then there is the Apache (around $3000), the B-52 (around $5000), and other rudistor amps over $2000. balanced amps, unfortunately, are not cheap. How do you like the sound...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pm@c Gaming nerds? why does everyone use that term? Perhaps I should call you guys physcotic audiophile nuts, because the truth is, some of you people claim to hear differences in sound that I dont.. and im not completely deaf.. I think the word 'audiophile' by itself is enough to imply that we're somewhat lacking in the sanity department.
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