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I have a pair of dt880 600 ohm in mint condition, 9/10. Can send pictures on request but really there's nothing to see that you wouldn't in a stock photo.   I'm interested in trading for something closed with similar sound qualities. Looking for a t70 in particular.   Am willing to add cash depending on trade offer.   Thanks for looking,   Ben
I'd be happy to, if you want to point that button out to me. Can't find it to save my life.
Is the black dragon worth the extra $25.00? I am using iphone 5 to RSA tomahawk to HD25-1 II. I've been trying to find a decent mini to mini with straight plug, trying to keep the costs down, the only reason I'm not getting the headroom 4" cable is the right angle plug. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Man I wish there was a major comparison of interconnects in the vein of all the great amp and headphone reviews, alas I can't seem to find...
pm sent
Thanks for the input Mutnat, I actually put the C421 on there because of some comments I read from you about the synergy between the HD 25 and C421. Let me rephrase as upon rereading I definitly could have been more clear on what I want; I already like the sound sig of the HD25-1 II and I understand that this is not a neutral signature like my Er4. I want an amp that will not change the overall signature but will add some detail and clarity but mostly improve...
Hi there, After reading quite a few helpful reviews I have decided to start a thread with the hope of getting some specific info on the combo I am trying to set up.   My source will be an iphone 3Gs primarily or a laptop (so DAC is a bonus)   My music taste is very broad so I want something clean, precise and analytical. I am looking to open up the soundstage and add some richness and detail not rework the sound signature.   I am currently looking at the...
On sale for $75.00 at
Still available if youre interested!  
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