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Portable amp is not really worth the money and hassle. There are very good portable amps, but then your problem would be the source.. So, the best way is don't go there.... Just pick a cell phone friendly headphone that fits your need.
I have both of them. Yes, they both have detachable cable. They will sound ok (but not great) from your cell phone. The sound signature of those two are similar, they are good for people who cares about sound of instruments. The so call "lack of bass" problem (the reason why some may not like it) is more prominent in K240 due to its open design. So I would suggest K271 out of these two. However, you may want to try other phones. If you want to go for closed...
It's not really about which phone is better. Sennheiser, AKG, Grado, all tried to raise the bar before but failed to be a business success. Without the business success of GS-1000, you probably won't find Senn and Beyer jumps in with their HD800 and T1. It is kind of funny that market actually evolves with Grado, a small workshop in Brooklyn, rather than those supposed more innovative firms. And don't forget the fact that it takes almost two years for Senn "evolve" to...
For your need, I vote for K271 over K240 simply because it's a closed phone.
Grado made GS-1000 which is a whole level better HD650, K702, DT990 etc. in the most demanding music genre -- classical music and enjoyed a success in business sense (which Orpheus or other "legendary" phones failed to achieve). This simple fact opens the market for the HD800, T1, and all the others. Yes, we better thanks Grado for not evolving too fast or we will see a $5,000 price mark for top level mass producing headphones.    
Just get Grace M903 or M902. No need to waste your money and time fooling around if you are fixed on PS1000 (same applies to GS1000) PS1000 will sound ok in some cheap set up as long as you don't overdrive it. So you can save up to M903.
I audited GMP435s for 2-3 hours during my last home trip. The sound signature is very similar. Since it uses the same pad as GMP450, there is no slightly muddy low like GMP400. The detail is on par with GMP450 probably because M902 is a low impedance expert. In other settings, GMP450 have better details in mid and high, but not by much. The openness of GMP435s allows you to enjoy the phone for a long period of time.    
GMP400/435/450 can simply compete against HD650/DT990/K702. In my system, GMP450 fits better than HD650/DT990/K702 as a No.2 phone (my no.1 is GS-1000). It's detail is close to GS-1000's, so I don't have to redo my critical listening on GS-1000 unless for large scale works.   On the other hand, given my system (M902 is a low-impedance expert), GMP435s fits better if I only need one pair of phones.      
Just a reminder to everyone else. There is someone who think GMP450 is as good as it can be without any modification.... That's me..... I just don't want people start to think GMP400/435/450 are required to be modded....
It really depends on the system.   The story goes like this: Grado phones are 32 ohm and easy to get acceptable quality. So people can easily get into the game with lower tier Grado phones, After a while, when people want to try phones from the other brand typically with higher ohms, they take the wisdom "you have to use amp" in mind and build their systems around higher ohms phones. As they get to higher level, their system are even more tilt to fit for 300 ohms, 600...
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