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Nope, Never.      
Up for sale is the Calyx Coffee I purchased via a fellow head-fier. This is nice little machine, just don't fit my need after further testing. What will be in the package will be the box and the machine itself (no cable from the original package). You may check the photos for the item condition, the quarter in one picture is not included though. The control via buttons on the machine is a really nice touch, yet it will have a little noise when you shake the...
Up for sale is my beloved German Maestro GMP450 pro. I am going to move and get a new job, so I am now rearrange my setup.   This is one of the best ~$300 headphone for critical listening in classical music. Carrying bag, 3.5-6.3mm adapter, the box are included.   $SOLD including shipping within U.S. and paypal fee.  
I think the most important feature for USB-to-SPDIF is to take advantage of async usb.   If your DAC has async usb already, USB-to-SPDIF could only help if you want to connect two computers to your DAC and enjoy async usb on both of them.
In the MLP SACDs notes, they noted the info about the original CD transfer and original CD remaster. In the last page of the notes, they also mentioned:   Because of the historical significance of the Mercury Living Presence recordings, it was decided to retain (as with the previous CD releases) the original LP covers and liner notes, as well as the original CD stereo mix prepared by Wilma Cozart Fine in the 1990s.    
I like the Decca collection better for new comers for another reason. The selected recordings there are even stronger than other boxes in terms of interpretation. Living Stereo or MLP as a project from one brand in a decade, rely on a relatively narrow list of performers. For example, I cannot say that I am a big fan of Reiner's rendition besides Beethoven..   Decca's selection include more highly regarded performances even when you look back from now. Ansermet, Argenta,...
Just like I said, MLP did not remaster the CD layer like Living Stereo did. The CD rips from the CD layer of MLP SACDs can be matched with the old issues back in early 90s. Therefore the difference between the SACD layer and CD layer is more prominent due to the more different remasters. Janis' Pictures in Exhibition does not have out of range problem in SACD layer. There are only about 20? MLP reissues in SACD, yet the MLP box contains 50CDs.   Living Stereo 60CD box can...
For Mecury Living Presence, the CD layer on the SACD is just the old master. For instance, the Pictures at an exhibition by Janis has couple out of range moments like the old CD version. Moreover, the CD rips can be matched. Since only a small part the MLP recordings are on SACDs, this boxset is a great chance to own MLP.   RCA Living Stereo did remaster the CD layer, and the 60CDs box is just a collection of all the remasters appeared on SACD series plus the sampler CD...
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