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The newer QC15 come with cable which is a little bit more sturdy than the old one. There is also someone on Amazon who's selling replacement cable which is comparable to the new cable. I know these because I bought a replacement cable from the guy on Amazon for my old QC15 and I bought a new QC15 for my mom.  
His nocturnes is god send. This is a recording you will keep complain about the recording sound. The play is such a beauty that you will wish the recording engineer do a better job (not that he/she did a bad job). Moravec's touch is very delicate, you will crave for better sound quality.
Rubinstein is great music wise, but not so much sound wise. El Bacha and Ohlsson are two complete set with modern sound. But they are just good in terms of recording quality as 1990-2000 standard.   For the Nocturnes, try Pollini's recent recording in DG. This is really superb recording with outstanding play.   Pollini's etudes in...
Forget ATH if you care about classical music. I guess you have a general amplifier with headphone out on hand. If you do not want to spend extra money on high-end headphone amp, I will not consider Senn. HD800 is great, but you have to build a system around it.   For your listening preference and bang for the buck, Look for Grado PS500 or GS1000. You may still need a good headphone system for either one of them. But if your existing  audio system is good...   Popular Classics for Spanish Guitar by Julian Bream   Note: this one only has two-channel, yet a great SACD.
The only CD which in the boxset is not available in SACD is the first disk "sampler". Since the music in the sampler is from the rest of disks, yes you have a perfect overlap.        
Mercury only issued about 20 MLP SACDs, so the boxset is not a complete overlap. Mercury just did not remaster the CD layer like Living Stereo series did.   If you have all the Mercury's old CD issues, then the boxset is a complete overlap.  
Up for sale is my Bose PM-1 and the AC adapter I bought for it. Since now I use dedicate CD player for CD playing, this gets little use.   Asking $35 including paypal fee and shipping within U.S.  
Up for sell is the Aune mini USB DAC MK2 DAC/AMP. I bought it from ebay couple years ago. It served well as a member of my office setup. I got a new job so I am rearranging my setup.   I am asking $100 including paypal fee and shipping. I will ship within U.S., given that the power adapter is U.S. type.  
1. Yes 2. Yes 3. 12% SACD 88% CD (most of recent purchases are SACDs) 4. This is the only thing I am missing from my existing setup. 5. $300    
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