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In terms of noise cancelling, able planet clear harmony is only comparable to QC1. I don't think there is any phone can beat QC15 in noise cancelling ability.   All NC phones suffer in audio quality due to the NC no matter which technology they are using. To me, the most important part for NC phones is NC ability. You can always get a non-NC phone for critical listening with any budget level.    
My current phone is GS-1000, so that is my answer. (Of course you can get PS-1000 if you have the budget). It is not until the GS-1000 that Grado phones finally can do the large scale works better than the others. PS500 is also a good pick if you want a broader fit of classical music. The traditional Grado product line from SR60 to RS1 are great for small scale works but may be too crowded for large scale works (you can still get all the detail, but just too crowded).
Because they have to do it for survival. Most of early single layer SACDs did not fare well in the market, due to the slow development of SACD player market.   Now even Sony stops making new SACD player, single layer SACDs make no sense if the publisher wants to increase the customer base. Small scale publisher prefer SACDs for the copyright protection, but they are not taking the risk of lowering sales for betting solely on SACD.  
You could try KRK KNS8400. The memory foam pads is very comfortable, almost as good as QC15's pads. It's isolation is pretty good as a pair of closed back phones.   The only complaint I have is that the pads are so comfortable that I sometimes forget I am listening to a pair of closed-back phones which requires rest after long session..  
Since you mention using on flights, I would say Bose QC15. It is one of the most comfortable headphone and the noise cancelling is right on the air travel. Whenever there is a consistent background noise (bus, subway, or even just wind blowing), it is really a bless. The potential problem caused by the pressure from the noise cancelling is less of an issue when there exists background noise. It costs $300 but is a good investment for traveling use.   If you...
For the system, I would recommend Grace Design M902 if usb is not an option for you or Grace Design M903 to utilize its asynchronous usb. This is perhaps the most cost and hassle efficient best for low-impedance phones system.   As for GS-1000 and PS500, I maybe bias toward GS-1000 since I am still using it. The biggest downside of GS-1000 is that it is too sensitive to system change, but you can avoid that by getting a suitable system like M902/903. As far as trying out...
PS-1000 sounds great. The issue for you is that a system best for HD800, T1 may not be best for PS-1000. A pair of low impedance phone being overdrived could sound much worse than a pair of high impedance phones being underdrived. You may need to build another system for PS-1000, so it depends on whether you can accept those costs.  
GS-1000 without cable: 270g with cable: 347g Thanks for the jumbo pad, you cannot even feel it.   Not to mention it fits your music preference very well. If you do not want to spend too much, Try AKG K702 or GMP 435/400/450   FYI Senn HD800: official weight: 330g, actual weighting without cable can reach 390g Grado RS-1 without cable: 170g      
PSK sounds more robust. That is, GSK could sound bad in unsuitable system. Also, PSK sounds more controlled in some occasions like the climax of large scale orchestral work.   The overall sound signature is similar while using suitable system. PSK is slightly better, but the problem is its weight. Not that PSK is uncomfortable, GSK is just too comfortable. That is one of the main reason I stay with GSK.   The other one is that after several concerts in the very good seats...
You may overpower the low impedance phones when using the amps are designed for high impedance phones. As a result, the low impedance phones would sound more harsh than it should be.  
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