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Quote: Originally Posted by FraGGleR Well done! Ballsy first recable! I did a 3 pin mini xlr into mine, but your jack looks really nice. I had to drill out some plastic to do mine. Did you have to do any serious reworking of the hole? Also, which jack did you use specifically? As the picture shows, It is the Neutrik 3.5mm jack, to fit the jack, externally there is nothing need to be done, however the plastic inside at the place near the jack...
very clean look
Let it burn in more and you will be more amazed. it is really nice head phone. I like it so much and want it even better so I recabled it with ALO SXC. it is even fuller cleaner sound with amazing detail. btw the imbalance of sound disappears, it turn out just incomplete burn in. now it is balance and sound great, detail yet smooth. this is how it looks now compare to what I took out It is finally completed yet still not too expansive
Anyone know where I can get parts for iTouch 2G LOD in USA, I have plenty of cable but just need the connector parts quick or anyone have extra for sale ? (something like Qable sell but located in USA)
you just need to find the right tip for your ear, PFE with D2 is nice. just turn up the bass enhancement and you will be happy. there are 2 Comply tip type will fit PFE which is the 130 design for PFE and the Comply P-tip for big ear and maximum isolation. other wise just enlarge the hole on olive a little bit to force it on. that also work well.
sound interesting I wonder why no one did that. however the problem is some computer do not have enough USB port just for peripheral and taking 2 port away mean there is no more USB device can be plug into the system. (not my case, N81VP has 5 USB and that is the main reason I love it so much)
I have uDAC and srh840. work pretty good together and I don't see srh840 to be expansive than m50 so much (~150USD). keep in mind srh840 although neutral still a little mid-central. and it take a lot of time to burn in before you hear its real sound.
W2 is the sonic perfection under USD250 and rival those top tiers. too bad the fit is not for me nor I have to time to wait for making them custom earphone. I do miss it quite a bit
It is awesome but there are superficial people out there who have big bucks to rip. making good product is good, make money out of good product is better
Quote: Originally Posted by bearmann Got mine today... [source: crappy mobilephone cam] It's damn small and drives my ATH-W100 very well I'd say. So far, so good. We'll see what the future brings... best regards. bearmann Judging from the picture a dark silver will look good too. maybe NuForce should sell them in different colors like what fruit brand do to their iShxt to attract some more superficial potential customers
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