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best isolation come from IEM, will you be interested ?
I am coming back to California hopefully before the meet but I am super noob with really nothing fancy. can I still come and what you might be interested in my pathetic rig (see signature)
why not just reshell a w2 if you like the sound so much. the cost probably lower than JH5
what mod did you make ? I simply enlarge the hole using pliers or pen so it doesn't fit too tight
you can just open the can, cut off all the plastic for the twist lock. then maybe all the 2.5mm connector ca be use (I never tried, no guarantee). I tried open the stock connector, no success nor my solder is hot enough to melt the enamel coating.I might need a hotter solder to melt the enamel away from the wire so I can solder a 3.5mm Neutrik to the coil cable if I really want to do that .
PFE has very short stem. pure foam will not stay on it, you might need to glue it to some semi elastic tube that has internal diameter about 1/8 inch. I haven't try it yet, maybe some online hobby shop carry such tube.
agree, W2 is a really nice upgrade.
Quote: You mean the customs? No. I did have a problem with the UM56s slipping off on the UM3X, but not on the W2s. No idea why. I think the W2 stem is a little thicker, but not much. All I can say is with the UM56s, the W2s are amazing phones, esp paired with the Sony X and a little EQing. 01-26-2010 07:57 PM The stem is much thicker that I had hard time fitting olive on to it. Quote: hey guys, a really dumb question since I couldn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkScythe I wasn't aware J&R allowed returns on headphones; A friend of mine who's into audio simply told me J&R wouldn't take returns on audio stuff, so I figured that included headphones. Reading into their return policy, they specifically state that in-ear headphones are not allowed me to returned, but I'm not sure if that means every other type of headphone is in the clear or not. Hsiu, thank you for the kind offer. I...
DarkScythe, I live near Penn Station so if you are really interested. you can "bring your source" to audit my srh840 if you don't mind they are moded a little before pulling the trigger.
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